Monday, April 6, 2009

Searching for Mickey Mouse

On a late night of last week's Saturday, everyone else in the family was already asleep upstairs, except for Juan Or and Mommy. Mommy had to be up to entertain Juan Or who was in the mood for playing. Mommy put Juan Or in the baby walker and then handed him a Mickey Mouse figurine (which came from the stacking cups toy Mommy bought from Litt Tak Warehouse Sale recently) to play with.

As usual, Juan Or would bite Mickey Mouse.
Then, Juan Or would twist and turn Mickey Mouse round his little fingers and finally threw Mickey Mouse onto the floor (and expected Mommy to pick it up for him!).
However, Mommy could not see the Mickey Mouse anywhere on the floor - at least not at where Mommy was squating. So Mommy asked Juan Or,"Juan Or, where is the Mickey Mouse? Where did you throw the Mickey Mouse?" Juan Or looked at Mommy and suddenly, at the time when Mommy least expected, Juan Or moved backwards with the baby walker and with his forefinger held in a pointing position, quickly pointed at the Mickey Mouse on the floor, and then stomped his legs with delight! Oh, Mommy was surprised and impressed! Mommy actually didn't expect Juan Or to understand and respond to what Mommy was asking him, but he did! And never before had Mommy ever seen Juan Or point his forefinger at something, but he was doing it just now! So Mommy patted his head and showered him with kisses on the cheek. Mommy's Juan Or is a big boy already!
Then in another occasion (which happened tonight), Juan Or was on the floor playing with his basket of toys. Juan Or's typical habit is to take out each toy, one by one, from the basket by throwing. Finally, the basket was emptied and all the toys were scattered on the floor. So Mommy asked Juan Or,"Juan Or, where's the Mickey Mouse? Mama wants to have the Mickey Mouse. Give Mama the Mickey Mouse."Juan Or responded by crawling forward a little and putting his arm out to sweep at the clutter of toys and then picked out the Mickey Mouse figurine. Wow, Mommy's Juan Or is a big boy already and is already able to understand some spoken language!

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