Sunday, April 26, 2009

Crawling on All Fours

Remember how Mommy was wondering whether Juan Or will ever crawl in the normal sense, i.e., crawl on all fours? At that time, Juan Or's crawl seemed to be more like dragging his body with his arms - the commando style or Mommy's term is 'primitive crawling'. And an Internet article also mentioned before that some babies actually crawl the unconventional way (never crawl on all fours) before they learn to stand. However, Mommy's perspective of Juan Or's crawling changed two weeks ago.

Two weeks ago, Juan Or's legs seemed to have gained enough strength to bear his body weight. Juan Or is able to crawl on all fours already! Even then, sometimes, Mommy still sees Juan Or crawling the commando style, though, lesser seen already at this of writing. Here'a a short video of Jua Or crawling on all fours:

Mommy wonders whether there are any parents out there whose Little Ones crawl the unconventional way before learning how to stand?

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