Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Adventurous 'B'

Ever since Juan Or the 'B' was able to shift his weight from one leg to another while holding on to a furniture and lifting himself up after a fall (see previous posting), Juan Or has become more and more adventurous, or as what Hokkiens call it, bo kia si, meaning 'not afraid to die'. If Mommy is to stop him from pursuing his daring acts any further, Juan Or will fret. And if Mommy continues to stop him, his fret turns into an angry cry. If finally Mommy decides to let him resume the position of his daring acts, his cry will immediately stop and his face goes back to normal composure. Another thing about the Adventurous 'B' is that between choosing to crawl to a clean or dusty spot in the house, Juan Or would rather choose the dusty one. Watch this video on how Juan Or's Grandpa had to pull his T-shirt to restrain him from endangering himself:

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