Thursday, April 9, 2009

Juan Or's New Car

Yesterday night, Mommy decided that it was time to take out the baby car from the box for Juan Or to ride on. Actually Mommy bought this baby car when Mommy was still pregnant with Juan Or. The baby car was bought from Tesco Extra Cheras during one of those Tesco Baby Fairs in 2008. And Mommy managed to buy it at the lowest price offered ever in all Tesco Baby Fairs so far - RM24.90! In later Tesco Baby Fairs, Mommy noticed the price had gone up to RM28.90 and higher, never at RM24.90 anymore. So Mommy considers the RM24.90 price to be a good buy! Elsewhere (e.g. The Store, Hong Kong Express), Mommy saw it selling for RM35.90.

When Mommy first took out the box of baby car, Juan Or looked like he knew this is for him. From a fretful baby, he immediately turned into a quiet one, looking curiously at the colourful box. Along the way when Papa was assembling the baby car, Juan Or quietly looked on, with short sessions of impatient frets. also know how to be impatient!?

Finally, the baby car was assembled, with decorative stickers pasted on it. This is how the baby car looks like.

Here is Juan Or posing in his new car.

And here is a video of Juan Or riding his new car. Be sure to pay attention to what happened at the end of the video!

Perhaps if there is such thing as Malaysia's Funniest Videos, then Mommy will definitely consider submitting this!

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