Monday, April 27, 2009

New Hair Style for Juan Or

These past few days have been very hot and humid. Mommy has been sweating buckets even during the night. Juan Or is no exception too. Juan Or was seen pulling his hair - seems like his crowning glory is a layer of heat insulator! So Mommy decided that his hair should be trimmed to as short as possible, but of course not to the point of being bald!

Thus, yesterday, Papa cut Juan Or's hair, while Mommy held his hands and body so that he cannot move. Otherwise Mommy can't imagine if Juan Or's facial skin, ears or fingers got snipped by the scissors! Of course Juan Or hates to be held on tightly and so began to struggle. By then, Papa managed to snip some hair and the snipped hair fell into Juan Or's hands. Juan Or appeared intrigued by his hair and started playing with it, so he stopped struggling. Due to his short attention span, Juan Or became restless again but Papa was not done yet with trimming. So Mommy took another bunch of hair and put into Juan Or's hands for him to play with. And sure enough, this trick worked beautifully to keep Juan Or occupied again so that he remained still - at least until Papa was done with the trimming!

(An earlier picture when Juan Or's hair was quite long - makes him look like a big boy!)

(Another earlier picture of Juan Or with the hair slightly shorter than the picture before, nevertheless still gives him the big-boy-look.)

(A sideways view of Juan Or before the haircut. This photo was taken when Papa and Mommy took Juan Or for Kentucky Fried Chicken.)

(After the hair cut, now Juan Or looks like a very young baby!)

("Come! Come!" Wah.....Juan Or wants to challenge people like Bruce Lee!?)


Anonymous said...

It's really hot these days. Even the rain can't cool down the earth...Nice and cool hairstyle!

Anamika said...

It 's too hot in here that I wish i could shave off my hair too. Anyways, the baby's hairstyle is nice.