Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Playing with Saliva

Everyone else has already gone up to sleep, except for Juan Or and Mommy. Mommy had to be around to watch out for Juan Or. Juan Or did not at all look sleepy. Mommy was wondering whether Juan Or is an insomniac baby? Juan Or is so full of energy - touching here and there, climbing here and there, crawling here and there, moving here and there, fiddling here and there - the list goes on and Mommy has to keep up with Juan Or in case he hurts himself or touches something dirty and then puts the dirty finger into his mouth or rubs his eyes.

Mommy managed to catch this video of Juan Or splitter-splattering his saliva during his midnight wakefulness. On top of it all, as if knowing that Mommy wanted to film him, he clapped his hands in victory as if to show off he is a multiple-skilled baby!


Brittany Liu said...

Well, your baby probably has attained an undesirable sleep route! Moreover he might be excited over practicing the new skills (Crawling or walking) that he acquired...
I tried to engage my children into a certain sleeping route right after their fullmoon. Gave them a warm bath, massage before send them to bed. Put out the light, fed them then sang them lullaby (Makesure the room is cool). Most crucial, gave them a kiss and wish them goodnight. I tried not to over-stimulate them in the evening, else they would end up whinning at night!
By 6 months old, I allowed them to sleep 3 times at day (No nap-time after 5pm till 9pm). By 10 months old, cut down to 2 naps at day time. After 1 1/2 year, one nap daily (Just kept them occupied with loads of activities)!
Now, they get on bed around 9pm and wake up at 7am. It has already became a routine for them (Easier for them to wake up for school). Sometime they would still whin at night after being overactive in the evening, so I'd let their papa to takeover (I found they settled easier with their papa's voice).
Tried to get more opinions from the parenting websites, it benefits alots! Might not be useful to all parents but atleast could get some tips on adjusting you and your baby's own sleeping schedule... Best of luck!

Alice Phua said...

Thanks for the tips, Brittany!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable boy. He does have so much energy. You must get really tired at night keeping up with him.

I've grabbed your badge, thanks for grabbing mine.

Alice Phua said...

Oh, yes, sometimes it can be very tiring, but nowadays I'm kindof gotten used to Juan Or 's typical timetable that results in fragmented sleep for me ;-)