Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Teasing Baby

Look at this baby with the teasing face - the face with a sly, cunning smile!
(Teasing face with the sly, cunning smile!)
It was already past midnight, Juan Or still wasn't feeling sleepy and so wanted to play. So happen, Grandpa wanted to catch the midnight news on television and Mommy also had to be up to entertain Juan Or. Shown here in the photo above was Juan Or trying to get hold of forbidden things, in this case was a loose wire attached to a treadmill (of course the wire was not connected to any electrical outlet!). Juan Or loves to play at the treadmill, and Grandpa and Mommy kept on reminding Juan Or not to play with the wire - any other objects placed on the treadmill can be touched but not the wire! However, Juan Or seemed to ignore the countless reminders and enjoyed doing it on purpose. Just before holding the wire, Juan Or would glance at Grandpa and Mommy, giving that sly and cunning smile. Ooohhh, Mommy's baby is a good teaser!

Here are more snapshots of Juan Or's don't-want-to-sleep rendezvous after he was satisfied with teasing Grandpa and Mommy at the treadmill.

("OOhhh....I want my Mickey Mouse!")

("Hahaha....soooo funny!")

("What a good laugh!")


Anonymous said...

Oh he is simply precious and adorable. A truly beautiful face. Isn't it amazing how much energy kids can have.

Sandi said...

he is so cute!! I love his cheeks. He has the best smile. My Gabriella is just like him. She wants to get into everything she is not supposed to. Especially cords to the TV or other things like the DVD player. I am chasing her all day. I can relate!

Ai-Ling said...

so cute! :)