Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The 'B' Credit Card (Part 2)

Remember about the the 'B' credit card that Mommy applied from Alliance Bank - the You:nique credit card? Remember how Mommy found that the card looked nice on the preview, but when the real card came, it didn't look as nice anymore?
Well, Mommy wants to commend Alliance Bank's Card Marketing Dept. for taking the initiative to make ammendments. Mr. Edmund Yong, the Head of Card Marketing contacted Mommy via email to apologize about the distorted picture of Juan Or and offered to replace the credit card picture free-of-charge. So Mommy accepted the apology and took the offer. The good thing also is that Mommy didn't have to re-upload the picture again. However, Mommy was told to temporarily refrain from using the card until the new card comes. And as a token of the inconvenience caused, Mommy was given a small gift - an RS Nano Bear! The product description on the box says that this bear is meant to be hung in the car because of its anti-bacterial and air-purifying characteristics (the manfacturer claims that the bear is impregnanted with Nano Silver and Nano Titanium Dioxide). Anyway, Mommy didn't want to hang the bear in the car because Mommy's car is often exposed to intense sunlight, so is afraid that the bear's and the bear's clothes' colour will fade. So Mommy put the Nano Bear together with Mommy's other soft toys in the display cabinet.
(Bear in the box.)
(Bear out of the box.)
Anyway, back to the credit card - Juan Or's picture looks better now, lips are not too red already.
(The replaced You:nique credit card.)
And here is the original picture of Juan Or the 'B' uploaded into the card's website.
(Juan Or the 'B'.)
In case you are wondering why Juan Or is called the 'B', here's the list.
'B' for:
  • boy,
  • baby,
  • buffalo (for Juan Or's relatively big size),
  • bite (for his itchy mouth),
  • bising (for being a noisy and demanding baby)
  • bulldog (for liking to pull his lips end to end downwards to look like a bulldog), and
  • busybody (likes to turn his head to see what others are doing even when breastfeeding).

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Alice Phua said...

Recently, Mommy received the first bill statement for this credit card. Apparently the rebate that Mommy is entitled to can only be 'enjoyed' in the next bill statement. In other words, the rebate earned for the current spending will be the discount for next month's spending (like the UOB credit card style?). So the very first bill statement received will NOT show any rebate or discount.

So is this pattern of rebate a good thing or a bad thing? Personally for Mommy, Mommy prefers that the rebate be seen (and enjoyed) at the corresponding expenditure itself, just like what is practised by the CIMB-Petronas credit card. Imagine if Mommy wishes to terminate the card next month. No usage also means no spending. But the rebate for the month before will only appear in the month after (which has RM0 spending. So how is Alliance Bank going to compensate the extra money paid which later turns out to be a rebate for the customer? Hmmmm....Mommy wonders what kind of rebate system is this....