Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sitting on the Motorbike - Like Father, Like Son!

Just before going to work, Mommy managed to capture photos of Juan Or on his Grandpa's motorbike. Of course, his Grandpa has to hold him while on the motorbike. According to his Grandpa, when Juan Or sees his own mirror image at the wing mirror, Juan Or will put his hand behind the mirror as if to catch hold of the 'other person', only to find no one there!

Then, Mommy recalled seeing an old photo of Juan Or's Papa sitting on the motorbike too. So here's for you to compare Father and Son:
Then, the typical shape of Papa's mouth during excitement and laughter triggered Mommy's memory of Juan Or having exactly the same kind of look (in Mommy's eyes!) which compelled Mommy to retrieve this photo from the Chinese New Year 2009 photos:

It's that unmistakable kind of Father-and-Son look, right?

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