Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Modified Toddler Car Seat

On Sunday, after several nights of burning the midnight oil marking exam papers, Mommy was finally 'free' to go for Sunday just-the-three-of-us outing. Papa drove Mommy's small Kancil car while Mommy and Juan Or sat at the back seat. Because Papa has long legs, so the driver's seat had to be adjusted quite far behind, thus forcing the infant car seat to be in a somewhat upright position.

Anyway, Juan Or likes to be held by Mommy while the car is on the move. So during the beginning part of the outing, Juan Or sat quietly like a good boy, but later became restless and started moving around, climbing on Mommy. So Mommy had sort of a difficult time getting Juan Or to sit quietly on Mommy's lap again. After some time tolerating Juan Or's restlessness, finally Mommy decided to strap Juan Or into the infant car seat. Since the infant car seat's position was somewhat upright in position, so Juan Or also appeared to be strapped upright in it. At a glance, the infant car seat looked like a toddler car seat! The only thing is that when the car turns, the seat will sway to the side where Mommy was sitting, so Mommy merely made do by sitting just next to Juan Or's car seat to prevent the seat from swaying. And there you have it - a modified toddler car seat! The only setback is that an adult has to be sitting next to it when the seat is 'modified'.

Here's how it looked like:

By the way, Mommy bought this infant car seat from a baby fair promotion in Tesco for RM89.90.

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