Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Juan Or the 'B' for.....BOOKWORM!

Remember how Juan Or encompasses the 7Bs - 'B' for baby, boy, buffalo (for his big size), bite (he's a good biter!), bising (for being noisy when fretful), busybody (likes to turn his head to see what others are doing when Mommy is breastfeeding him), and bulldog (for pulling his mouth downwards from end to end to make the bulldog face).

Yesterday, Juan Or earned another 'B' title - 'B' for BOOKWORM!
("I love books.....")
("......for a reason!")
No, no, he's not the bookworm that you think! Of course, looks can be deceiving with him holding the book. Instead, you know, it's that silvery-looking worm that feeds on books? Yes, that's right, Juan Or is feeding on books too! Juan Or bites books, just like how bookworms bite books!
This was what happened: It was 6.30 am when Juan Or woke up from sleep. So Mommy had to get up from sleep too to breastfeed him. And Mommy was still feeling very sleepy as a result of interupted sleep throughout the night because of Juan Or's constant waking up. Mommy offered him the breast, but Juan Or turned his head away (Juan Or seems to be auto-weaning himself from breastfeeding for the past few days). So Mommy decided to read a book with him instead. It was a board book with a monkey squeezy toy attached to it. After reading, Mommy left Juan Or to play with the book (he loves flipping and turning the pages more than reading the book!) while Mommy quickly catched some light sleep. Of course, from time to time, Mommy secretly opened the eyes just to make sure Juan Or did not put the book to his mouth, to which he didn't. After the light sleep of about 20 minutes, Mommy got up to take the book from Juan Or for keeping. Lo and behold, the book cover's corner was biten off!
(The bottom corner was biten off!)
(When the book is opened, part of the word 'give' is missing!)
Immediately, Mommy, with the voice raised a little, asked Juan Or,"Who bite this book? Why did you bite this book?" Juan Or merely stared at the book. Mommy looked around for scraps of the biten off portion and it was nowhere to be seen. "You swallowed it! Open your mouth! SEE!" And Juan Or obediently opened his mouth, much to Mommy's surprise because Juan Or will shut his mouth tightly whenever Mommy wants to clean his mouth. Mommy couldn't see any trace of book material in his mouth. Then Juan Or looked back at Mommy as if to say,"Where got!?"
("Where got, Mama!?")
Sometimes, Mommy doesn't know whether to laugh or to be angry.....

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