Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yes! Juan Or is Actually Doing Proper Crawling!

In Mommy's quest to search for more information on how to stimulate more frequent milk let-down reflexes, Mommy stumbled upon this article from Disney Family Parenting (link is given at right hand panel on Parenting Resources) that talks about what the experts have to say about baby crawling.

The paragraphs and phrases (in bold) that interests Mommy the most are:

"Many babies crawl by supporting their body weight on their hands and knees, and then move by alternating the left hand with the right knee, and then the left knee with the right hand.

However, some babies never crawl in the traditional sense, opting instead to scoot across the floor, moving backward and forward on their tushies; inch along on their stomachs; roll; do a combat crawl; or even bear-walk by fully extending their legs and using their arms at the same time.

No matter how they choose to get around, these methods are all considered perfectly normal, says Dr. Altman."

"Inch along on their stomachs and do a combat crawl".....that's exactly how Juan Or crawls, which to Mommy's perspective is known as primitive crawling. The idea Mommy had about proper crawling was only hands and knees on the floor (no stomach!) moving in coordination with each other. So looks like Juan Or's so-called primitive crawling is actually proper crawling though not in the traditional sense! So looks like all this while Mommy had been biased about Juan Or's crawling method. So sorry, baby, Mommy didn't know enough about crawling before this. Sigh!

Watch more of Juan Or's combat crawl!

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