Sunday, February 15, 2009

The 'B' Romper

Juan Or is also known as "The 'B' " (see previous posting entitled "The 'B'"). Recently, Mommy digged out this romper ( or onesie, whatever you call it!) from Juan Or's clothes drawer because Mommy recalled seeing the tag indicating for 9-month-old babies. And sure, it is a very nice fit. The interesting part about this romper is that there is a "B" label on the left chest part. Actually the "B" label is supposed to mean "Bear" because there is a furry bear picture on the right hand part of the stomach. So the "B" label is a coincidence that matches Juan Or's nickname (The 'B').

Mommy bought this romper from Tesco Extra Cheras for only RM7.90 (during a baby fair promotion) which is a bargain because the cloth is of good quality plus a furry bear design that makes the baby look cute.

Juan Or just can't stop kicking when Mommy was trying hard to get a good shoot of him.

Finally, Juan Or steadied himself, long (or rather, short!) enough to let Mommy take another shoot. See the 'B' label on his romper? That's why Mommy thinks this romper is just the one for Juan Or The 'B'!

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