Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009 Edition

Here is a collection of Juan Or's baby fashion statement during the Chinese New Year (CNY)week. Most of Juan Or's CNY clothes were bought long before he was born (Yes....Mommy was very excited about baby shopping!).

"Yay! My ang pow!"
CNY 1st day: Juan Or received his ang pow from his paternal Great-Grandmother. Oh, sooooo happy! Juan Or was wearing a Mickey Mouse set suit given by the babysitter as his CNY present. Holding him was his paternal Grandma.

Still the 1st day of CNY, Mommy changed his clothes to Chinese New Year suit bought from Tesco. This is a suit meant for 1-year-old toddler and Juan Or was 8 months old and the top part cannot be buttoned anymore because his neck is too thick for it. Mommy bought this suit for only RM2.98 (85% discount), originally sold for RM19.90! Anyway, Mommy put this suit on for Juan Or just for the 'guests' to see. Can't wear for long anyway because this suit cannot absorb sweat efiiciently.

Shown here is Juan Or in his full CNY suit and being carried by his paternal Grandpa.

2nd day of CNY: Juan Or had just finished eating his baby biscuit and ewwww......Juan Or's mouth was totally messed up! Shown here is Juan Or wearing a Mickey Mouse suit set which Mommy bought from Anakku (2 sets sold for RM29.90).

Shown here is Juan Or getting a good wipe on the mouth from his paternal Grandma!

"What's that, Mommy? I can't hear you!"

On the 3rd and 4th day of CNY, Mommy didn't manage to capture photos of Juan Or....too busy.

"Don't say 'Cheese!' Say 'The B'!"

"Why, Papa? Do you want to join in?"

"Look at my hand kung fu!"

5th day of CNY: Juan Or's T-shirt is a Winnie the Pooh meant for 1-year-old toddlers, bought from Hytex warehouse sale in Kepong for RM5. The shorts (brand is 'Little Koala') was bought from a warehouse sale in Giant Taman Connought for RM5 also.

"Me in soldier clothes!"

"I'm a little soldier baby!"

6th day of CNY: Mommy bought this soldier suit set for only RM4.90 from a tenant in Central Supermarket in Old Klang Road. Boy, that's a good bargain!

"Hello, Mommy!"

7th day of CNY: Mommy bought this 'Little Koala' polo T-shirt (toddler size) for RM5 from the same warehouse sale in Giant Taman Connought.

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