Monday, February 23, 2009

On Insufficient Sleep and Brain Cells

Over the weekend (Friday till Sunday), Mommy's faculty was organizing and hosting the Malaysian Society of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (MSMBB) Quiz 2009 for undergraduates. So, Mommy being one of the organizing committee member, had to be there for all three days.......which also meant that Mommy had to work 7 days a week for that particular week. Never mind about that, but on Sunday night, Juan Or slept from 9.30 pm till 12.30 am the following Monday. Once Juan Or woke up, Mommy breastfed him and expected him to go back to sleep....but he didn't! So Mommy had to 'wake up' together with Juan Or and entertained his play time instead. Finally, Juan Or became sleepy again and slept from 2.30 am to 6.00 am. So Mommy breastfed him again and he went back to sleep immediately (and Mommy slept too before finally waking up at 6.55 am to get ready to go to work). After waking up, Mommy still felt very sleepy, but what to do....still have to go to work.

When Mommy reached the workplace, Mommy unloaded Mommy's things (handbag, laptop, 2-L water bottle, breastpump bag, cooler box and a bag containing some MSMBB stuff) from Mommy's car. Upon, reaching Mommy's office table, Mommy had the visual memory that Mommy had placed the car keys on the office table and that Mommy put the keys back into Mommy's handbag upon putting down all those stuff that Mommy was carrying. That was what Mommy remembered that morning.

Now, in the evening, around 4 pm, Mommy was packing the laptop to go back home. Lastly was for Mommy to take out the car keys in preparation before leaving the office room. But alas, the key was nowhere to be found in Mommy's handbag! Mommy even emptied the handbag....every damn tissue paper that Mommy stuffed into the handbag previously was all taken out, every damn pocket in the handbag was searched. car keys! Mommy started searching on Mommy's office table, laptop bag, breatpump bag and even in the cooler car keys! Then Mommy starting hypothesizing that the keys could have dropped out when Mommy was taking out the purse to buy lunch. So Mommy was very tempted to call Father-in-law to come to Mommy's workplace with the spare car keys. But anyway, Mommy decided to check the car first before resorting to calling Father-in-law for the spare keys.

Upon reaching Mommy's car, lo and behold, the car was not locked, but the gear was locked and no car keys attached to the ignition keyhole. Funny! Then suddenly everything became clear in Mommy's memory department: The car key was last left at the car speaker which was at the back seat area! Mommy actually placed the keys there temporarily so that Mommy can juggle at lugging all the things that Mommy had to carry at one go! And Mommy actually forgot to take the keys along and even forgot to lock the car! What a joke! Mommy swear that Mommy never once forget to lock the car ever since Mommy started working in February 2006! And now this is happening to Mommy for the first time! Luckily nothing from the car went missing...and luckily the car didn't go missing too!

Uuugghhhh....what's happening to Mommy? Mommy is getting more and more forgetful nowadays, especially after giving birth to Juan Or. Mommy can even jumble up visual images from the wrong day and match it on the wrong day and yet thought that Mommy actually remembered things in the correct order. Seems like Mommy is going cuckoo already! Could it be the insufficient sleep and fatigue of having to work 7 days a week taking a toll on Mommy's brain cells for that particular day? Hhmmm........anyway, Mommy's priority is to do to Mommy's best in taking care of Juan Or.....never mind about the insufficient sleep or tiredness....the rewarding feeling of seeing Juan Or grow up healthily and happily supercedes everything else!

Mommy's sweet and cute Juan Or!

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