Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Baby Longings

Today Mommy checked the Yahoo Inbox and saw this newsletter e-mail by Baby Weekly with the sub-heading "Baby Longings". The contents goes like this:

" Alice, as you watch your baby grow, learn, and become a little person, do you ever long for your cuddly little baby again? Many women start missing their little newborn baby when he or she reaches toddler-hood. Do you have any longings for your baby of days past? Write now."

How true! Mommy does have such longings. Gone were the days when Juan Or was such a little, helpless newborn baby, only sleeping and drinking milk throughout the day. With his little body, arms and legs, and the unfocused newborn eyes....Mommy's little baby! Gone were the days when by just cuddling Juan Or in Mommy's arms, Juan Or could doze off just like that - easily. But as soon as Mommy puts him down again, his eyes would open and his hands and legs went wriggling in the air, and Juan Or would start fretting as if to complain "Cuddle me! Don't put me down just yet!" And of course, gone were days when Mommy had insufficient sleep every day because of having to wake up once in every one or one-plus hour to breastfeed Juan Or.

Quite recently before, Mommy asked Juan Or this: "Juan Or, why do you grow up so fast? You grow up so fast, then Mommy won't have baby to hold anymore!"

Anyway, with the current economic situation and the current cost of living, Papa and Mommy can't afford to have another baby. Also, Mommy's period has not returned yet. At the moment, only one baby will do, and that's Juan Or The 'B'......

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