Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Juan Or's Experiments with Cause and Effect

Baby books in bookstores often mention about baby learning about cause and effect through their play sessions. Examples cited on cause and effect are usually noisy toys (e.g. squeaky duck), shaking a rattle, pressing buttons on simple toys to make sounds or a face pop up, knocking down a tower of plastic blocks, and swiping at a roly-poly doll that rights itself after being pushed over. However, Mommy thinks that these examples are fairly common and very 'decent'. Here are some true and daring incidents that Mommy experiences with Juan Or which Mommy thinks are worthy ideas or examples to be cited in baby books:

Cause: Juan Or lowering his head (by gravitational force) onto a hard surface.
Effect: Painful head and Juan Or cries,"Waaaaa-aaaaaa......."
Post-cause-and-effect: Juan Or lowers his head slowly and steadily whenever lying on hard surface.

Cause: Juan Or grabbing and pulling on Mommy's hair.
Effect: Mommy yells,"Ooouuucchh......."
Post-cause-and-effect: Juan Or continues grabbing and pulling on Mommy's hair just to hear her say,"Ooouuucchh" and ends with a mischievous grin on his face.

Cause: Juan Or's little fingers grab, pull and twist Mommy's nipples (after breastfeeding).
Effect: Mommy yells,"Aaawwww......"
Post-cause-and-effect: Juan Or continues grabbing, pulling and twisting Mommy's nipples just to hear her say,"Aaawwww...." again and ends with a mischievious grin on his face.

Lessons in cause and effect in the 'B's world......

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