Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Juan Or and the Giraffe Hand Puppet

Mommy bought two hand puppets for Juan Or long before he was born. Mommy reckon the hand puppets will be useful later on to entertain this little 'B'. These hand puppets are a giraffe and a lion, tagged as "Nici" brand (but Mommy thinks it's imitation), bought from a tenant in Endah Parade. Each costs RM15.

(Looks like characters from Madagascar, huh!?)

Previously, when Juan Or was a few weeks old, Mommy showed Juan Or the giraffe hand puppet. No reaction from Juan Or. So looks like Juan Or was still too young to appreciate soft toys.

Today, Mommy slipped on the giraffe hand puppet again and played it for Juan Or. Mommy made the giraffe dance to the tune of "Itsy-bitsy-spider". Look at how Juan Or squeal with delight and laughter!

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