Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mommy Reprimanding Juan Or

Mommy had just finished breastfeeding Juan Or at about 8-plus pm. Juan Or also indicated that he has had enough of breastmilk by doing his usual protest cry. So Mommy put him onto the bouncinette so that all of us (Papa, Mommy and Juan Or) could watch TV together. Just barely 5 minutes into watching TV, Juan Or started making his 'grumpy' sound - the kind of sound preceding a cry. Mommy knows Juan Or usually makes this kind of sound when he doesn't want to stay in Papa and Mommy's bedroom and wants to go downstairs to play on his baby walker. But Mommy was reluctant to go downstairs because Mommy just came from downstairs some 10 minutes ago. But Juan Or's 'grumpy' sound became more and more intense. Mommy got fed up and reprimanded him,"NAUGHTY BOY! Huh, behaving like a spoilt child, ah? Can't you suit to situation? Everything must go your way, ah?" Immediately, Juan Or quiet down. Then, he crinched up his face in displeasure and then gave Mommy a long, dull look on the face. Mommy knew that the reprimand was taking effect on him and Mommy secretly glanced at Papa about Juan Or's reaction. So looks like Juan Or can understand spoken language, but most importantly he can sense anger in Mommy's voice and react appropriately. Deep down inside Mommy' s heart, Mommy foresees Juan Or is a good and obedient boy, of course with minor misbehaviour from time to time, but is able to listen and respond positively when disciplined.
Knowing that Juan Or acknowledged Mommy's displeasure, Mommy felt a little bad for reprimanding him. But Mommy had to do it otherwise Juan Or may end up growing into a little rascal. So Mommy tenderly patted and swiped his hair. As Juan Or was biting his toy giraffe, he kept on turning his head to look at Mommy. Was Juan Or afraid Mommy doesn't love him anymore? So he kept on turning his head towards Mommy to get the assurance that Mommy still loves him? Mommy wonders.

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