Monday, January 19, 2009

Tender Moments with Mommy

Juan Or woke up at 1.40 am. After Mommy had breastfed him, Juan Or still refused to go to sleep and wanted to play. So Mommy took Juan Or downstairs to the hall, laid out the folding mattress and then surrounded the mattress with pillows and sofa cushions as barricade. However, Mommy kept the hall dark. The only light source was the light from the stairs, just enough to maintain visibility, yet dark enough to signify to Juan Or that now was not the proper time to play. Next, Mommy offered Juan or his toys: the spider, fire engine, the broken (but usable) rattle and the teether (borrowed from his cousin). After playing for some time, Juan Or seemed bored. So Mommy laid him on his back and blew raspberries on his tummy. And Juan Or smiled for the first time since Mommy took him back from the babysitter. Mommy felt good to see his sweet smile again. The babysitter reported that Juan Or had crying spells throughout the day. Mommy looked tenderly into his eyes, and Juan Or continued smiling as Mommy tickle his armpits and sides. And Juan Or looked into Mommy's eyes with tenderly love. How sweet......

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