Sunday, January 18, 2009

Go 'Kai-kai'

It was night already. Mommy's car was only a quarter tank full and so urgently needed a petrol refill. Moreover, Mommy's car did not move at all for the day. So Mommy suggested to Papa to take Mommy's car out for petrol refill and at the same time be a joyride for Juan Or and Mommy.

So after dinner, Mommy clapped hands towards Juan Or to gesture to him that Mommy wanted to carry him. At the same time, Papa signalled to Juan Or's Second Uncle (Jidek) to reverse his car to make way for Mommy's car. So Jidek made way to the door. On seeing that, Juan Or (in his baby walker) quickly chased after Jidek, thinking that Jidek would be the one bringing him for kai-kai (outing). When Mommy told Juan Or that Papa and Mommy would be taking him out for kai-kai, Juan Or seemed to pay no heed. Huh, Juan Or is not convinced!? Just because Jidek was standing out of the house, and Papa and Mommy still on the inside meant that Jidek will be taking Juan Or for kai-kai? Mommy's dear little 'B' naive and innocent....and simple-minded. After all, Juan Or is just a little baby.

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