Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Don't leave me out for kai-kai!"

It was 8 pm already, and Tardek (3rd Uncle), Tarnin (3rd Aunty) and Cousin were getting ready to get into their car to go back to their house. On the other hand, Grandpa, Grandma and Jidek (2nd Uncle) also got up to go send them off. But Mommy remained inside the house with Juan Or. On seeing almost everyone shuffling about and heading out of the house, Juan Or started making his loud fretful sound as if to say,"Where is everyone going? Are you not taking me out too? Don't leave me out for kai-kai (outing)!"

On seeing Juan Or's antics, Jidek started his car and with Grandma holding Juan Or in her arms and Mommy tagging along, all went for a short night joyride round the Taman Bukit Intan neighbourhood. Once back home, Juan Or was quiet and contented. So, looks like Mommy's boy is a kai-kai boy, huh?

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