Friday, January 16, 2009

Primitive Crawling

Today Mommy managed to capture Juan Or's second step in crawling. Mommy would prefer to term it as "primitive crawling". (The first step in crawling where Juan Or merely turned round amd round on his tummy was detailed in the posting "Prelude to Crawling".) Actually Juan Or started his primitive crawling two days ago, but Mommy was not prepared with the handphone video camera. And by the time Mommy was ready to capture, Juan Or didn't want to show his act again. What a waste! Then yesterday, the babysitter told Mommy that Juan Or 'crawled' to chase her as she was walking to the kitchen. Today, luckily Mommy had the handphone ready within reach and captured Juan Or 'crawling' towards his baby walker. More crawls to come for Juan Or! Woo-hoo!Add Image

And Juan Or says,"Yay!"

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