Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reaching Out

Take a look at this playful baby reaching out to hold something beyond his reach!

The first video shows how Juan Or slanted his body and legs within the confines of his baby walker in order to grab hold of his Great-grandmother's walking stick (but he still didn't manage to because the walking stick was intentionally placed far inside). This clip was taken yesterday.

(Hmmmh.....smart boy! Looks like Juan Or already has an idea how to maximize his length or reach within a confined space.)

Here's the second video clip taken today showing how Juan Or reached out to grab the strap of his baby carrier bag. Ohhh....this baby just loves to play! And look at his cheeky and naughty face! Mommy was already so sleepy when this video was taken. It was very late at night and Juan Or still hadn't shown any sign of sleepiness.

More naughty boy poses:

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