Friday, January 29, 2010

Taking Mickey Mouse for a Ride

Yesterday, Juan Or had just discovered that he can put Mickey Mouse behind as the pillion rider on his baby car. Now Juan Or has a 'companion' whenever he takes a ride!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Longer Legs Now

Last time in April 2009, Mommy blogged about how Juan Or tried riding on his new baby car for the first time. Juan Or was almost 11 months old then (how time flies!) and his legs were still not long enough to reach the floor so much so when the car made a bend, ........(see this old video for yourself!)........

Notice his chubby arms and legs, and the babyish face and head back then?

Now Juan Or's legs are so much longer already, so reaching for the floor while riding on the baby car is not a problem anymore. But what does he do with his legs? He uses his legs as substitute for the steering instead! Watch this!

Now his limbs don't have the chubby baby look anymore. The face is also more like a little boy already, although the babyish-ness is still there. This video was taken in mid-December 2009 when he was 1 year 7 months old.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Big Boy Already

Today, Juan Or surprised Mommy with his requests and actions. All Mommy can conclude is that Juan Or is becoming a big boy already - no longer the babyish traits that Mommy is so used to. Here are the three situations that happened all within one night:

Situation 1:

Juan Or requested to eat Coco Balls cereal, so Mommy gave him some by pouring into his cup. He finished all and then asked for some more, so Mommy poured some more. This time, he merely stuffed the cereal into his mouth but without biting. Later he sort of left his mouth open so that the already-damp cereal flowed out of his mouth and onto his T-shirt! So his T-shirt now had chocolate stains. Mommy merely wiped the stain dry but of course the stain still remained there. Mommy had no intention of changing his T-shirt because it was only a small stain - no big deal. However, along the way, Juan Or, off and on, kept looking at the stained area and pointing his fingers at it while looking at Mommy. At first, Mommy paid no heed, but after it went on several times, finally Mommy asked him whether he wanted his T-shirt changed to which he nodded. conclusion is Juan Or already has some sense of what is clean and what is dirty and is not comfortable about feeling dirty (although he is still quite dirty and messy in other aspects)!

Situation 2:

Following Situation 1 just now, so Mommy changed Juan Or's T-shirt. Mommy digged out a clean sleeved T-shirt to put on him (he has not been wearing it for a long time), but he refused. So Mommy thought perhaps he didn't favour wearing sleeved T-shirt, instead preferred the singlet type, to which Mommy took out one plain white singlet. Upon seeing the plain white one, again Juan Or refused, instead he pointed at another singlet T-shirt which had cartoon bear design on it! This time, he gladly wore it without making any fuss. So conclusion is Juan Or already has preference for nicer-looking items!

This is the cartoon bear singlet T-shirt that Juan Or likes as opposed to.....

.......this plain white one!

Situation 3:

Shortly after changing his T-shirt, Juan Or went to the book shelf to take a book to 'read'. And he settled himself down on the floor to do his 'reading'. However, very soon after that, his Great-grandmother got up from her sitting position to walk to the bathroom and that Juan Or happened to be sitting somewhere in her pathway. So Grandpa asked Juan Or to get up and make way for Great-grandmother, to which Juan Or complied. The cute part was that Juan Or, with the book in his hand, stood up to make way and after waiting patiently for Great-grandmother to pass, he sat back at the same position where he left to continue his 'reading'. So conclusion is Juan Or is starting to show some maturity of thought already. Actually, Mommy expected that he would fret and refuse to budge once he had settled himself to do something, but Juan Or has proven Mommy wrong!

Ha, big boy already, right? Well, however, when Mommy asked Juan Or whether he is still 'baby-baby', Juan Or nodded. ^ ^

Juan Or's Own Language

All the while, Juan Or was taught both by us and the babysitter to say 'thank you' whenever he receives something. Because Juan Or's tongue is still not able to 'twist' fully, his 'thank you' is pronounced merely as 'kyou'. Then quite recently, his 'kyou' has evolved to 'a-ti' instead! What does 'a-ti' mean in the real sense? Well, Mommy doesn't know, but all Mommy knows is that Juan Or creates his own language! ^ ^ Watch this! (You may have to listen carefully because his 'a-ti' is spoken quite softly).

There was once after hearing Juan Or said 'a-ti', Mommy cheekily asked him,"Juan Or, you got your 'a-ti' word from ATI Mobility Radeon, is it?" Juan Or nodded.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Papaboy vs. Mamaboy

On the Friday night that has just passed, Papa and Mommy took Juan Or for a short spin somewhere nearby. Papa was the one driving while Mommy held on to Juan Or. So this was Mommy's conversation with Juan Or:

Mommy: Juan Or, next time, you want to be Papaboy or Mamaboy?

Juan Or: (pointed his finger at Papa)

OK, so that was that. Later on, when back at home already and Mommy was rocking Juan Or to sleep (everyone else in the household were asleep already), Mommy asked Juan Or the same question again. This time, Juan Or pointed his finger at Mommy! Whoa, looks like this boy seems very good at gaining people's favour! If Papa is the one driving him for outing, then he'll say he wants to be Papaboy. If Papa is not around but Mommy is the one attending to him, then he will say he wants to be Mamaboy.

Then came Sunday where it is our family outing day - just the three of us. So, as usual, Papa drove and Mommy popped the same question to Juan Or to which he pointed at Papa again. Well, expected answer from Juan Or, right? OK, never mind, came night time again and Mommy was rocking Juan Or to sleep (everyone else were already asleep) and Mommy created the same conversation with Juan Or:

Mommy: Juan Or, next time, you want to be Papaboy or Mamaboy?
Juan Or: (pointed his finger upstairs where Papa was sleeping)

Mommy: !!!????

Mommy: So Juan Or really wants to become Papaboy?

Juan Or: (looking at Mommy and nodding his head)

So looks like Juan Or was not trying to gain Mommy's favour this time. Juan Or indeed wants to become Papaboy! Mommy guessed Juan Or already can tell the difference between a male and a female and that most importantly, he knows he is a male. ^ ^

Juan Or sitting with his Papa and that makes him a Papaboy!

Friday, January 22, 2010


Kids have loads of imagination! Anything can be made a toy. Even a simple small plastic basket can be made a toy! See what Juan Or is up to this time.....
"Ta-dah! See, Ma, I'm Jack-in-the-box!"
"Please, Ma, don't ask me to come out now. I'm not done yet."
"Look, Ma! I'm springing out of the box......
"......and am springing back in again, just like Jack-in-the-box!"

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Playing with Food

Of late, Mommy noticed that whenever Mommy gives Juan Or titbits to eat, he will, instead of concentrating on eating, keep himself busy by pouring the titbits from one container to another - even if it means transferring just one tiny grain of titbit! Or sometimes, he will slowly pick one titbit to eat while doing the pouring job. Other times, if he doesn't fancy the titbit at all, he will just abandon the titbits once he's bored with the pouring job. During the pouring process, sometimes he aimed correctly, sometimes not. Watch this naughty boy!

Same for drinking water too. Nowadays, if Mommy gives him plain water to drink, Mommy will use the cup since Juan Or is not very keen to drink from the sippy cup anymore. Then Mommy will have extra work to do - wiping away those wet patches whenever he aims wrongly while pouring.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Trademark Finger-and-Mouth Gesture

This is just a random shot of Juan Or. That time, Juan Or was watching VeggieTales on Mommy's laptop. After capturing this photo, Mommy didn't think much about it until Mommy slipped the miro SD card (from the camera handphone) into Mommy's laptop for bigger viewing. And a-ha, something struck Mommy's mind! Something so familiar! Does Juan Or's finger-and-mouth gesture remind you of something? (But that's if you have watched it before!)


Ta-dah! It's the famous Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies starred by Mike Myers! See Dr. Evil's trademark finger-and-mouth gesture? Similar to Juan Or's, right? Only thing face is not the same. ^ ^

(photo copied from

Monday, January 18, 2010

'A' for Clothes Peg!?

Juan Or and the clothes peg

It was in the wee hours of one morning and Juan Or had woken up from sleep and refused to go back to sleep, instead wanted to play. So Mommy let him 'ding-dong' around the living room by himself while Mommy laid on the floor mattress trying to go back to sleep, but merely 'light' sleep to sort of keep an eye on this naughty boy. Somehow, along the way - don't know how - the clothes peg usually used for fastening the open gaps of the mosquito net that envelopes the spring cot came off its usual place and ended up on Mommy's mattress. Juan Or saw the clothes peg, picked it up and mumbled something. So Mommy, wanting him to learn new words, started saying,"Juan Or, say 'Clothes peg'!" Juan Or mumbled something again, this time it sounded like a monosyllabic word. Feeling that Juan Or didn't catch the word, so Mommy repeated 'Clothes peg' and again Juan Or replied that monosyllabic word, this time it sounded like the alphabet 'A'. Mommy looked hard at the clothes peg, and lo and behold, yes, indeed, the clothes peg sure does look like the alphabet 'A'!

Hahaha!!!Mommy had a good laugh! Why hadn't Mommy thought about it? Had Mommy thought about it, then Mommy would have been more receptive to make out what Juan Or was mumbling in the first place! So the lesson learnt here is that we as parents should, as much as possible, keep an open mind to what our children are trying to tell us. Very often, children see things in ways that we cannot even imagine, but are still valid ways of looking at something. Listen hard to them, take a look at how they see something, and eventually there will be more understanding between parents and children. At the end of the day, parents learn from children too!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

'Monkey-ing' Around Bukit Malawati, Kuala Selangor

Today Papa and Mommy decided to take Juan Or for a countryside outing to Kuala Selangor again, but this time to Bukit Malawati to 'make friends' with monkeys. When we reached Kuala Selangor, it was already late morning (about 11.30am), so Papa decided that we should go eat lunch first and make Bukit Malawati as our last destination. At least if Juan Or started fretting at Bukit Malawati, then we could straightaway head back home as the lunch part was already settled. So off we went to Tian Wai Tian Restaurant first. Papa ordered four dishes - mantis shrimp, steamed garoupa cutlet, oyster omelette and sweet potato leaves stir-fried in belacan, plus rice and Chinese tea, all for RM38.00 (which was very cheap!) and Juan Or behaved relatively well at the restaurant. Mommy didn't have enough hands to capture photos of the food because Mommy was too occupied with entertaining Juan Or. So if Mommy has more hands and eyes, that will be very helpful!

After the lunch, we headed to Bukit Malawati. Papa parked the car at the foothill and we walked up the hill. It was good exercise for Mommy considering that it was just after lunch and the fact that Mommy had been very sedentary ever since giving birth to Juan Or! Here are some snapshots (and some narration) of Juan Or at Bukit Malawati:

Where there are stairs, there is Juan Or! Juan Or seems fond of climbing stairs.

Juan Or posing at the canon that surrounds the fort of Bukit Malawati. Seen here is Papa holding on to Juan Or in case he falls.

The view from Bukit Malawati.

This is the famous historical lighthouse of Kuala Selangor, which is situated at the hilltop of Bukit Malawati.

This is the first time for Juan Or to see monkeys real life at close range.

Suddenly a monkey leaped in front of him and this took Juan Or by surprise - an amusing surprise!

"Monkey, oh, monkey! Getting to know you!"

This is Mommy's favourite photo. The monkey perched at the road barrier just now suddenly leaped onto a nearby tree, causing Juan Or to burst with laughter! Seeing a monkey jumping around is sure a sheer joy for Juan Or!

"Hey, monkey! Why are you going away from me? Can't we be friends?"

"Ah, never mind. At least another monkey is willing to be friends with me."

"Hahaha! How strikingly similar! A child monkey accompanied by the parent - just like me!"

This is also another of Mommy's favourite photo of Juan Or, now captured full-bodied. This was taken at the look-out building, which unfortunately was closed to the public.

By the time we were done with monkey-watching, Juan Or was already showing signs of tiredness, so down we went the hill.

When Juan Or was tired, petty things seemed to irritate him, causing him to fret. But luckily there's this funny-looking 'choo-choo train' (that carries visitors up and down the hill for a fee)to distract his attention, turning his frets into laughter instead! This 'choo-choo train' appeared every now and then when we went up and then down the hill. In Juan Or's mind, probably this 'choo-choo train' resembled Mickey Mouse Clubhouse's Choo-choo Express. So probably Juan Or must be thinking that the train he saw in cartoon has come alive!

Mommy managed to capture a photo of both father and son walking down the hill. "Bye-bye, Bukit Malawati! See you again, monkeys! We'll be back!"

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Updates on Child Nutrition and Health Seminar (Part 5)

This is a continuation from the previous parts found here.

4. 4th speaker - Dr. Hamid Jan JM (Senior Lecturer, Nutrition Programme, School of Health Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Kubang Kerian) on "Micronutrients and Cognitive Development in Young Children". Dr. Hamid shared on how micronutrients (nutrients needed for life in small quantities) are extremely important not only for normal physical and physiological development but also for maximum mental capability. He particularly mentioned that optimal cognitive performance and development is an innate desire of all parents (which is very true!). He stressed that cognitive development is a life-long process that begins even before pregnancy whereby the mother's micronutrient status before (i.e., when the mother is ovulating) and during pregnancy is found to affect the baby's brain potantial. The damage is further aggravated after birth if the child is also deficient in the ley micronutrients to do with cognitive function for the first 2 years of life. So what are the examples of key micronutrients? They are iodine, iron, zinc, folate, vitamin A, vitamin B12, copper, choline and long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid (LC-PUFA). Each micronutrient has a specific role in cognitive development and any insufficiency during the rapid growth of brain may cause irreversible impairment to cognitive development. Some controversial studies have even linked micronutrient deficiencies to anti-social behaviour and intelligence in industrialized community, thus it is important to prevent micronutrient deficiencies in mothers and infants as it affects individual, family, society and country in different ways. Some other interesting points mentioned during his talk:

  • Barker's Hypothesis (1995), a.k.a. Fetal Origin Hypothesis, states that fetal undernutrition in middle to late gestation (the period during which the embryo develops) not only leads to disproportional fetal growth, but also programmes for coronary heart disease later in life.
  • Nutrients and oxygen level have been known to have influence on babies who are born small (i.e. lesser growth).
  • Nutrients related to brain development: protein, iron (related to production of enzyme), zinc, copper, long-chain polyunsaturted fatty acid and choline.
  • Lack of iron can cause the network of nerve cells in the brain to be cut short, so impulses or messages cannot be connected or send effectively. So iron deficiency affects the child's brain.
  • What can negatively affect fetal brain's iron status? Low maternal iron supply, low placental iron transfer and high fetal iron demand.
  • The first 2 years of a child's life is when brain development is increased, but after 2 years, the brainwave slows down.
  • Multiple micronutrient supplementation showed positive effect in non-verbal intelligence rather than verbal intelligence.

Stay tuned for Part 6!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beautiful Dreams

"Ooooooh, what a beautiful sleep.....and what beautiful dreams I had!"

I dreamt......

.......of my portrait being sketched by the sea-side.

I dreamt.......

......of starring in a TV programme!

I dreamt......

......of myself appearing in billboards everywhere!

I dreamt.......

.......of becoming a child star!

I dreamt......

......of having a picture of myself painted on the wall of some old building.

I dreamt.....

....of becoming the ambassador of Bvlgari jewellery!

I dreamt.......

.......of going back into Andy Warhol's time in 1967 to be starred as "The 8 Juan Ors" instead of "The 10 Marilyns"!

I dreamt......

.....of being commemorated in stamps, ......


......and in the bank notes of the United States of America!

I dreamt.....

....of my biography being documented in a book some day!

And best of all, I dreamt.....

....of being the dream baby all soon-to-be-wed couples would like to have!

Ooops! Mommy has woken me up! Mommy says it's time to stop dreaming! Here I am still trying hard to keep my eyes open. Wish I can still continue sleeping and dreaming.......

Hahahaha......actually it's Mommy having some fun with Juan Or's photos! You can also try it yourself at PhotoFunia which Mommy got to know from Aunty Kathy, who in turn knew it from Aunty Boey Joey. Have PhotoFUNia!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Slip of the Tongue

Juan Or's typical cheeky smile.

One night, at around 8 pm, Mommy changed Juan Or's diaper into the more expensive type (it was Drypers Drypantz) to last him through the night till the next morning. Moreover, Juan Or indicated to Mommy that he already did his poo-poo business when he was at the babysitter's house during the day, so Mommy thought he was not likely to do it again that night. Then by 11.30 pm, all lights were off, everyone else in the household were already asleep upstairs. Only left was Mommy lying down on the mattress spreaded on the floor, waiting for Juan Or to settle down to sleep since he refused to sleep in the spring cot. So during the settling down period, Juan Or played with Mommy (Mommy was feeling sleepy already!) and even sat and thump onto Mommy's body. Mommy's nose was feeling a little stuffy (Mommy had just recovered from runny nose) and when Juan Or sat onto Mommy, Mommy smelt a whiff of funny smell despite the stuffy nose. So Mommy got up, peeped into his diaper and lo and behold - really a lot of poo in there! Mommy's immediate reaction was to blurt out "Oh, shit!" and guess what, Juan Or followed suit and said,"Oh, shit!" too!

So Mommy quickly changed his diaper and all along while wiping his bottom, Juan Or kept on saying "Oh, shit!" in a cheeky manner and with a cheeky smile. Judging from the way he said those words, looks like Juan Or knew he was not supposed to say that, but he deliberately said it anyway to test Mommy's boundaries, perhaps! You see, Juan Or is not a very talkative boy. Sometimes when Mommy taught him new words and asked him to pronounce the words, Juan Or would either not respond at all, or he would merely reply "Mmmk!" just for the sake of answering! Yet when Mommy accidentally blurted out something he's not supposed to follow, he kept on saying those things! Naughty! Naughty! Recently also, the babysitter's daughter told Mommy that she caught Juan Or saying "Kick your butt!"! For all that Mommy knows, no one at home says such things, not even at the babysitter's house (because they all converse in Cantonese only). Juan Or must have picked that up from the television!

By the way, just a sidetrack here, Mommy was pleasantly surprised that Juan Or seems to know when he is or is not properly changed of his diaper. This was what happened: After wiping his bottom, Mommy decided to give him a soapy wash on his bottom at the bathroom because the poo smell was still there. But before Mommy could do so, Mommy went over to the kitchen to find an old piece of newspaper to wrap up the diaper pants. In other words, Mommy had to leave Juan Or unattended for a while. During this period, much to Mommy's surprise, Juan Or, knowing that he was not properly done with diaper changing, did not at all attempt to get up from his lying down position. He remained where he was with his exposed bottom, waiting for Mommy to return to him again! Muah! Muah! Mommy loves Juan Or!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Changes of Juan Or's Latest Craze

Mommy is reporting on how Juan Or's craze changes from October 2009 till now. What Mommy meant by 'craze' is that whenever Mommy comes back from work, Juan Or will point either at Mommy's laptop or television, and then make one kind of fretting sound to pester Mommy to switch on those 'things' for him to watch; or Juan Or will hold that 'thing' and then approach Mommy with one kind of fretting sound to ask Mommy to play those 'things' for him (both of which Mommy won't entertain until the time comes) Here are those 'things':
First were these local production books that came together with VCDs: 'Go Go English' and 'The Most Wanted Nursery Rhymes Volume 2' each for RM5 only (very cheap considering that both came with their accompanying VCDs!). The VCDs have the lyrics at the bottom of the screen together with colourful cartoon pictures, much like karaoke sing-along type.
Then, somewhere at the end of November 2009, Mommy went to the Popular/CD-Rama Sale in The Summit (Subang Jaya) and saw this 'Sing-Along Karaoke' DVD selling for RM19.90, but after 20% discount became RM15.90. So Mommy bought it and it became Juan Or's next 'obsession' though the previous VCDs still remains his favourite till today.
Next came this 'VeggieTales Very Silly Songs!' DVD which Papa bought somewhere at the end of December 2009. The first time Juan Or (and Papa and Mommy) watched it, it didn't appear as anything special. Sure, the computer animation was colourful, beautiful and cute, and the tunefulness and catchiness of the songs appeared so-so only. Juan Or also didn't appear to be addicted to this DVD. However, with subsequent times of playing this DVD, the tunes are wonderful (in Mommy's opinion) because they sound catchy and tuneful now. Even Juan Or is addicted to this VeggieTales DVD already! He would dance with almost every song from this DVD. And when Mommy comes back from work, Juan Or is sure to point at where Mommy put this DVD and makes one kind of fretting sound to ask Mommy to play it for him. Even when Mommy purposely laid out all the children VCDs and DVDs together (that includes Barney and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!) for him to choose one, he would still choose VeggieTales only!
See how Juan Or swayed his buttocks from side to side whenever he hears VeggieTales (but the music is too soft to be heard from Mommy's handphone camera's video):

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Visit to the Hospital for Hydronephrosis Check-up

Juan Or waiting for his turn at the ultrasound scan waiting area.

This is really an outdated post. Mommy was very busy during last year's December, so is late in putting up this update on Juan Or's status of mild bilateral hydronephrosis condition. Previous postings on this matter can be found here and here.

This visit to the hospital was on 16th December 2009. As usual, the procedure was to register Juan Or's attendance at Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM)'s paediatric clinic, after which Mommy took Juan Or to the Radiology Department for ultrasound scanning. The ultrasound scanning service costs RM20. While waiting for Juan Or's turn for ultrasound scan, Mommy happened to meet another couple with a near 12-month old baby boy who also has the same condition as Juan Or. And same as Juan Or, that baby boy has already been confirmed not to have any urinary tract blockage though the mild kidney dilation is still there. So that baby boy was also on trimetoprim medication up to the point of appointment, just like Juan Or. Along the way during the waiting time, Juan Or 'made friends' with an Indian boy of about 8 years old who is also waiting for his turn. The Indian boy seems to be fond of Juan Or at first sight. On the lighter side of the waiting period, Juan Or was very active and playful, walking and running around and even refused either Mommy or Grandpa in wanting to hold his hand while walking as shown in this video:

Finally, Juan Or's turn for ultrasound scan came and Mommy took him in. The moment the sonographer showed Juan Or the probe (yes, haven't even touched him!), Juan Or already started crying! Mommy knows Juan Or hates to have strangers do things on him, but what to do, that procedure has to be done. So as the scanning went on, Mommy held Juan Or to try to keep him as still as possible, but Mommy saw the scan image on the screen was constantly shaking! Oh dear! Finally, the sonographer conlcuded that the observation was the same as the last check-up, i.e., there's still a little something there but definitely, the dilation is gone already!

After the ultrasound scan, Mommy took Juan Or to the pediatric clinic section for consultation. Luckily the waiting time was not as long as the ultrasound one, but then Juan Or was already asleep in the babystroller by the time his turn came. So the paediatrician decided that Juan Or no longer needs to be on medication anymore. Hooray! Then the paediatrician did a milestone-development check-up on Juan Or, asking Mommy questions such as how many words can Juan Or say, it is more than 10 words, and whether Juan Or is already able to properly hold a pencil/pen. Juan Or's weight measurement was 9.8 kg, to which the paediatrician thinks he is still underweight. So the paediatrician recommended that Juan Or needs to be fed more solid food besides the 3 to 4 times of milk feed per day. In Mommy's head, Mommy was pondering on how to get Juan Or to eat more food since Juan Or refuses food or eats very little only once he is back home from babysitter's house. Mommy thinks probably why Juan Or seems to have better appetite when at babysitter's house is that there is another 3-year old boy whom the babysitter is also taking care of, so the competition to eat may be there. And Mommy also knows the babysitter did not purposely make the food look more attractive just to get Juan Or to eat more, yet he has better appetite there.

After that, the paediatrician opened up Juan Or's diaper (to which Juan Or was rudely awakened from sleep, so he cried loudly!) to check his penis if there is any abnormality associated with the hydronephrosis to which there is none. Finally, the paediatrician was done and Mommy took Juan Or out who was still crying.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rounded Baby Belly

Quite some time back, Mommy read (and is still reading!) one parenting book on managing your toddler's behaviour. In that book, something caught Mommy's attention:

"Their increased strength and agility will bring a new-found confidence and your child's body shape will slowly begin to transform. That rounded baby belly will begin to flatten out, while chubby, dimpled limbs will start to elongate as muscles develop."

"That rounded baby belly will begin to flatten out"....ha! Mommy had better capture a photo of Juan Or's rounded baby belly for sentimental sake before it flattens out!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Candy Cane

See this candy cane? Yesterday, this candy cane was given by Mommy's colleague, Mr. Vee, in conjunction with Christmas 2009. Because it was Mommy's first day on duty as the Head of Foundation in Science and with students coming in non-stop to see Mommy (it was the first day of a new semester), Mommy couldn't make time to savour the taste of this candy. So Mommy decided to take it home instead. You know what Juan Or did with this candy? Juan Or used the candy cane as his walking stick to imitate how his paternal Great-grandmother walks! Well, everyone at home had a good laugh! Watch this!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Getting Juan Or to Eat Meat

Just recently, Mommy 'accidentally' found a way to get Juan Or to eat meat - call it serendipity! All the while before Mommy discovered this new way, whenever Mommy eats her meals, Mommy will share some with Juan Or. So, fearing Juan Or may choke on eating chunks of meat, Mommy would chew the meat first before giving it to Juan Or. Actually, for vegetables, Mommy would do the same too and Juan Or ate them eagerly for sweet potato leaves and water convulus (kangkong), but when it comes to meat, he would spit it out even though Mommy tried hiding it in the rice! After thinking over and pondering about how to get Juan Or to eat meat, suddenly Mommy remembered what the babysitter told Mommy. She observed that Juan Or loves eating noodles, vermicelli (bee hoon) and even flat noodles (pan mee). So why not Mommy shred the meat according to the grain so that the meat shreds resemble noodles? And that's exactly what Mommy did and sure enough, Mommy managed to 'trick' Juan Or into eating meat! Woo-hoo! Hopefully Juan Or puts on more weight now that he's eating more meat!
What about other mummies out there? How do you get your child to eat something he/she doesn't like to eat? Mommy would love to hear from you!