Sunday, January 24, 2010

Papaboy vs. Mamaboy

On the Friday night that has just passed, Papa and Mommy took Juan Or for a short spin somewhere nearby. Papa was the one driving while Mommy held on to Juan Or. So this was Mommy's conversation with Juan Or:

Mommy: Juan Or, next time, you want to be Papaboy or Mamaboy?

Juan Or: (pointed his finger at Papa)

OK, so that was that. Later on, when back at home already and Mommy was rocking Juan Or to sleep (everyone else in the household were asleep already), Mommy asked Juan Or the same question again. This time, Juan Or pointed his finger at Mommy! Whoa, looks like this boy seems very good at gaining people's favour! If Papa is the one driving him for outing, then he'll say he wants to be Papaboy. If Papa is not around but Mommy is the one attending to him, then he will say he wants to be Mamaboy.

Then came Sunday where it is our family outing day - just the three of us. So, as usual, Papa drove and Mommy popped the same question to Juan Or to which he pointed at Papa again. Well, expected answer from Juan Or, right? OK, never mind, came night time again and Mommy was rocking Juan Or to sleep (everyone else were already asleep) and Mommy created the same conversation with Juan Or:

Mommy: Juan Or, next time, you want to be Papaboy or Mamaboy?
Juan Or: (pointed his finger upstairs where Papa was sleeping)

Mommy: !!!????

Mommy: So Juan Or really wants to become Papaboy?

Juan Or: (looking at Mommy and nodding his head)

So looks like Juan Or was not trying to gain Mommy's favour this time. Juan Or indeed wants to become Papaboy! Mommy guessed Juan Or already can tell the difference between a male and a female and that most importantly, he knows he is a male. ^ ^

Juan Or sitting with his Papa and that makes him a Papaboy!


cheeyee said...

Actually... what is this Papaboy and Mamaboy? :p

My gal has this papa-day and mama-day. Where, sometimes she just want papa to do everything for her in that day - so I call it papa-day. Coz everything is papa only. :D Likewise, sometimes she just want me only. Everything from serving her food, open the door for her, fasten her seat belt etc. Everything must be mama, if papa does it she will cry insists of me doing it for her.

mNhL said... heart break please. Then can ask papa to do things for him and you can keep your leg high up oon the table (kiau kar). hehe.

Alice Law said...

I think he is more familiar with his identity as 'papaboy', afterall you all keep calling him 'papaboy' since he was very young!

So don't worry if he prefered to be 'papaboy', it doesn't mean he likes papa more. In reality, he is definitely 'mama's boy'! ;)

Alice Phua said...

Cheeyee, Papaboy and Mamaboy terms that I use is actually same meaning as "daddy's girl" kind of term. So in this case, Juan Or is a boy, so is daddy's boy or mommy's boy. It can also give the meaning of who the child wants to follow as a role model. So Papaboy means he wants to be like Papa and Mamaboy means he wants to be like me! :P

mNhL, oh, don't worry, no heart break on my part becos as my reply to cheeyee goes, i don't mind it whether my son chooses his dad as his role model or myself as his role model.Heheheh....

Alice Phua said...

Alice Law, yup, agree! hahaha....actually last time when he was very young, I find Juan Or's name quite a mouthful to call, that's why I called him Papaboy - it's simpler to call. Then finally I got used to calling him Juan Or and the 'Papaboy' name sort of vanished, but now has been revived. :-)

smallkucing said...

i think "papaboy" coz always Mama is the one who discipline him :p

Alice Phua said...

Smallkucing, both hubby and I handle different departments in disciplining Juan Or. I'll be more towards disciplining him to follow a routine like brushing teeth, not using the pacifier, to sit on the potty before changing into a new diaper, cannot cry for petty reasons, things like that. But for hubby, he will be into reprimanding Juan Or not to fiddle with certain things in the house, climbing like monkey, etc :P