Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Changes of Juan Or's Latest Craze

Mommy is reporting on how Juan Or's craze changes from October 2009 till now. What Mommy meant by 'craze' is that whenever Mommy comes back from work, Juan Or will point either at Mommy's laptop or television, and then make one kind of fretting sound to pester Mommy to switch on those 'things' for him to watch; or Juan Or will hold that 'thing' and then approach Mommy with one kind of fretting sound to ask Mommy to play those 'things' for him (both of which Mommy won't entertain until the time comes) Here are those 'things':
First were these local production books that came together with VCDs: 'Go Go English' and 'The Most Wanted Nursery Rhymes Volume 2' each for RM5 only (very cheap considering that both came with their accompanying VCDs!). The VCDs have the lyrics at the bottom of the screen together with colourful cartoon pictures, much like karaoke sing-along type.
Then, somewhere at the end of November 2009, Mommy went to the Popular/CD-Rama Sale in The Summit (Subang Jaya) and saw this 'Sing-Along Karaoke' DVD selling for RM19.90, but after 20% discount became RM15.90. So Mommy bought it and it became Juan Or's next 'obsession' though the previous VCDs still remains his favourite till today.
Next came this 'VeggieTales Very Silly Songs!' DVD which Papa bought somewhere at the end of December 2009. The first time Juan Or (and Papa and Mommy) watched it, it didn't appear as anything special. Sure, the computer animation was colourful, beautiful and cute, and the tunefulness and catchiness of the songs appeared so-so only. Juan Or also didn't appear to be addicted to this DVD. However, with subsequent times of playing this DVD, the tunes are wonderful (in Mommy's opinion) because they sound catchy and tuneful now. Even Juan Or is addicted to this VeggieTales DVD already! He would dance with almost every song from this DVD. And when Mommy comes back from work, Juan Or is sure to point at where Mommy put this DVD and makes one kind of fretting sound to ask Mommy to play it for him. Even when Mommy purposely laid out all the children VCDs and DVDs together (that includes Barney and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!) for him to choose one, he would still choose VeggieTales only!
See how Juan Or swayed his buttocks from side to side whenever he hears VeggieTales (but the music is too soft to be heard from Mommy's handphone camera's video):


smallkucing said...

shake your bon bon, Juan Or :).


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Alice, was at Small Kuching's place noticed your callsign.
You have a great looking kid there.
Can see where your kid get his good looks from, ha ha.

Having a kid or kids better than watching TV.
But kids grow up fast....have fun, then you'll have several years of quiet before they bring their kids to you to play with.

I know, I have been down that road.
You stay young, stay beautiful and keep a song in your heart. Best regards, Lee.

Alice Law said...

I like the "Veggie Tales" too!

I kinda agree Juan Or might learn something from watching DVD but makesure he gets enough Beta-Carotene. I can foresee he is going "specky" soon or later...

Alice Phua said...

Smallkucing, hehhee....can learn belly dancing already! ^ ^

Uncle Lee, thanks for visiting and thanks for the compliments! Actually I visited your blog before after reading the comments you left at Smallkucing's and My Little Sprouts! Oh, yes, I do agree with you about having kids vs. TV. With this little boy around, I was even able to forego my favourites shows just for the sake of caring for my little boy. Yes, will heed your advice. Thanks a lot, Uncle Lee.

Never mind whether Juan Or learns a thing or two from the DVD or not, doesn't matter for me as long as he enjoys it and have fun as a child. Yes, about going 'specky' soon, I'm concerned about that, that's why I'm limiting his watching hours and doing all I can to make sure he doesn't go too near the screen. About eating more beta-carotene, I'm still trying to solve that problem since he is a picky eater.