Monday, January 11, 2010

Slip of the Tongue

Juan Or's typical cheeky smile.

One night, at around 8 pm, Mommy changed Juan Or's diaper into the more expensive type (it was Drypers Drypantz) to last him through the night till the next morning. Moreover, Juan Or indicated to Mommy that he already did his poo-poo business when he was at the babysitter's house during the day, so Mommy thought he was not likely to do it again that night. Then by 11.30 pm, all lights were off, everyone else in the household were already asleep upstairs. Only left was Mommy lying down on the mattress spreaded on the floor, waiting for Juan Or to settle down to sleep since he refused to sleep in the spring cot. So during the settling down period, Juan Or played with Mommy (Mommy was feeling sleepy already!) and even sat and thump onto Mommy's body. Mommy's nose was feeling a little stuffy (Mommy had just recovered from runny nose) and when Juan Or sat onto Mommy, Mommy smelt a whiff of funny smell despite the stuffy nose. So Mommy got up, peeped into his diaper and lo and behold - really a lot of poo in there! Mommy's immediate reaction was to blurt out "Oh, shit!" and guess what, Juan Or followed suit and said,"Oh, shit!" too!

So Mommy quickly changed his diaper and all along while wiping his bottom, Juan Or kept on saying "Oh, shit!" in a cheeky manner and with a cheeky smile. Judging from the way he said those words, looks like Juan Or knew he was not supposed to say that, but he deliberately said it anyway to test Mommy's boundaries, perhaps! You see, Juan Or is not a very talkative boy. Sometimes when Mommy taught him new words and asked him to pronounce the words, Juan Or would either not respond at all, or he would merely reply "Mmmk!" just for the sake of answering! Yet when Mommy accidentally blurted out something he's not supposed to follow, he kept on saying those things! Naughty! Naughty! Recently also, the babysitter's daughter told Mommy that she caught Juan Or saying "Kick your butt!"! For all that Mommy knows, no one at home says such things, not even at the babysitter's house (because they all converse in Cantonese only). Juan Or must have picked that up from the television!

By the way, just a sidetrack here, Mommy was pleasantly surprised that Juan Or seems to know when he is or is not properly changed of his diaper. This was what happened: After wiping his bottom, Mommy decided to give him a soapy wash on his bottom at the bathroom because the poo smell was still there. But before Mommy could do so, Mommy went over to the kitchen to find an old piece of newspaper to wrap up the diaper pants. In other words, Mommy had to leave Juan Or unattended for a while. During this period, much to Mommy's surprise, Juan Or, knowing that he was not properly done with diaper changing, did not at all attempt to get up from his lying down position. He remained where he was with his exposed bottom, waiting for Mommy to return to him again! Muah! Muah! Mommy loves Juan Or!


Cynthia said...

good boy.. he knows it well ya... Breanna will not let me finish the process!!

Alice Law said...

Reminds me of Juan Juan younger days (When she was 9 months old), the 1st word she liked to repeat is "Shit" besides "papa" and "mama". :p

Yeah, she never settled down and wait for me to clean her up(Since she was newborn till now). Juan Or and her little brother appeared more submissive in this case!

smallkucing said...

should tell him..OH SHEEP.

Just now J also the same.He was saying "Bye bye bye bye" continuously and then duno how he went and added "C" in one of the "bye" he mumbling..


mNhL said...

Hahaha....Juan Or cute boy.

cheeyee said...

Hahaha.... so clever. Yeah they r good at imitate us at this age as they r learning to talk. :)

Alice Phua said...

Cynthia and Alice Law, hahaha...looks like the trend nowadays is that baby girls are more rebellious! ^ ^ Baby boys seem more obedient nowadays!

Smallkucing, 'Oh, sheep!" That's a good idea! Really admire you-lah, Mamarazzi is full of witty ideas!

mNhL, your little girl is cute too (that empty Yakult bottle incident)! :-)

Cheeyee, ya-loh, that's why I really have to be mindful of what comes out of my mouth (and also hubby's mouth), otherwise I cannot imagine.....