Sunday, January 17, 2010

'Monkey-ing' Around Bukit Malawati, Kuala Selangor

Today Papa and Mommy decided to take Juan Or for a countryside outing to Kuala Selangor again, but this time to Bukit Malawati to 'make friends' with monkeys. When we reached Kuala Selangor, it was already late morning (about 11.30am), so Papa decided that we should go eat lunch first and make Bukit Malawati as our last destination. At least if Juan Or started fretting at Bukit Malawati, then we could straightaway head back home as the lunch part was already settled. So off we went to Tian Wai Tian Restaurant first. Papa ordered four dishes - mantis shrimp, steamed garoupa cutlet, oyster omelette and sweet potato leaves stir-fried in belacan, plus rice and Chinese tea, all for RM38.00 (which was very cheap!) and Juan Or behaved relatively well at the restaurant. Mommy didn't have enough hands to capture photos of the food because Mommy was too occupied with entertaining Juan Or. So if Mommy has more hands and eyes, that will be very helpful!

After the lunch, we headed to Bukit Malawati. Papa parked the car at the foothill and we walked up the hill. It was good exercise for Mommy considering that it was just after lunch and the fact that Mommy had been very sedentary ever since giving birth to Juan Or! Here are some snapshots (and some narration) of Juan Or at Bukit Malawati:

Where there are stairs, there is Juan Or! Juan Or seems fond of climbing stairs.

Juan Or posing at the canon that surrounds the fort of Bukit Malawati. Seen here is Papa holding on to Juan Or in case he falls.

The view from Bukit Malawati.

This is the famous historical lighthouse of Kuala Selangor, which is situated at the hilltop of Bukit Malawati.

This is the first time for Juan Or to see monkeys real life at close range.

Suddenly a monkey leaped in front of him and this took Juan Or by surprise - an amusing surprise!

"Monkey, oh, monkey! Getting to know you!"

This is Mommy's favourite photo. The monkey perched at the road barrier just now suddenly leaped onto a nearby tree, causing Juan Or to burst with laughter! Seeing a monkey jumping around is sure a sheer joy for Juan Or!

"Hey, monkey! Why are you going away from me? Can't we be friends?"

"Ah, never mind. At least another monkey is willing to be friends with me."

"Hahaha! How strikingly similar! A child monkey accompanied by the parent - just like me!"

This is also another of Mommy's favourite photo of Juan Or, now captured full-bodied. This was taken at the look-out building, which unfortunately was closed to the public.

By the time we were done with monkey-watching, Juan Or was already showing signs of tiredness, so down we went the hill.

When Juan Or was tired, petty things seemed to irritate him, causing him to fret. But luckily there's this funny-looking 'choo-choo train' (that carries visitors up and down the hill for a fee)to distract his attention, turning his frets into laughter instead! This 'choo-choo train' appeared every now and then when we went up and then down the hill. In Juan Or's mind, probably this 'choo-choo train' resembled Mickey Mouse Clubhouse's Choo-choo Express. So probably Juan Or must be thinking that the train he saw in cartoon has come alive!

Mommy managed to capture a photo of both father and son walking down the hill. "Bye-bye, Bukit Malawati! See you again, monkeys! We'll be back!"


Alice Law said...

Nice pictures!!

I think your camera phone's resolution has improved under the sunlight!

smallkucing said...

The choo choo train have to pa or not?

Rather aprehensive to bring Joshua there coz of the monkeys. Worried might turn violent

Alice Phua said...

Alice Law, thanks! Yes, I do notice too, when the sun is really bright, the pictures are nicer and sharper.

Small kucing, of course, have to pay one, except that we never bother to ask the price. :P About the monkeys, this breed type (black fur) is the tame type. Go close range or even take its photo directly in front never mind one as long as you don't touch it. If you want to be really sure it won't approach you, then make sure you don't carry any food with you. There's another colony of monkeys in Bukit Malawati, but brown fur type - that one is not friendly - cannot even live in peace with the black fur type. In this trip, we didn't see any brown fur type, probably they are at another side of the bukit, away from human and black fur monkeys' presence.

mNhL said...

Oh gosh! Juan Or is not afraid of the monkeys !! He is braver than me. hehe....We used to bring YX and XJ to watch monkeys too (inside the car). Behind my bro's house (senawang) there are lots of wild monkeys. We feed them with peanuts and the kids love to watch them eat.

mNhL said...

Did u take away the chat box? Can't find it. Anyway, manged to $miled today.

Alice Phua said...

mNhL, hehehe...who knows leh, maybe Juan Or is not afraid of monkeys simply because he is innocent. I think he still doesn't know that monkeys can attack people. hahaha....wait till he knows! :P

My chatbox encountered some problems, so I removed it already. Anyway, thanks for making my day!

cheeyee said...

Can feel Juan Or enjoys himself very much from the pictures. :)

Btw, just wonder do u feed Juan Or with the same lunch as you eat? He takes the belacan too?

Alice Phua said...

Cheeyee, oh yes, whatever we eat for lunch at the restaurant, we'll offer it to him, but of course not everything we offer he will eat. Yes, he takes the belacan too. In fact he likes hot and spicy food! :-)