Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Juan Or's Own Language

All the while, Juan Or was taught both by us and the babysitter to say 'thank you' whenever he receives something. Because Juan Or's tongue is still not able to 'twist' fully, his 'thank you' is pronounced merely as 'kyou'. Then quite recently, his 'kyou' has evolved to 'a-ti' instead! What does 'a-ti' mean in the real sense? Well, Mommy doesn't know, but all Mommy knows is that Juan Or creates his own language! ^ ^ Watch this! (You may have to listen carefully because his 'a-ti' is spoken quite softly).

There was once after hearing Juan Or said 'a-ti', Mommy cheekily asked him,"Juan Or, you got your 'a-ti' word from ATI Mobility Radeon, is it?" Juan Or nodded.


Alice Law said...

LOL, smart enough to create his own language and brilliant enough to invent a "shortcut" for it!

smallkucing said...


Mine also..when he want something real bad, he will pronounce Thank you rather correctly.Otherwise he would be silent or the most is something that sound like "jit jit"

Alice Phua said...

Alice Law, that's why this remains a question for me (I mean I'm at a crossroad): should I continue to insist that he says the proper 'thank you' or give him freedom to use his own creativity at expressing something?

Smallkucing, hohoho....Joshua is a smart boy, he really knows what he wants! :-)

Alice Law said...

Hehe... just remind him "Thank you!" in rather soft tone then praise him " GOOD TRY, Juan Or is so CREATIVE!!" in excitement.

This way you won't kill his interest or creativity, yet can teach him the proper way of "saying". I'm sure he will know the proper "saying" soon or later!

Alice Phua said...

ALice Law, thanks for the suggestion! :-)