Monday, May 25, 2009

Tips on How to Deal With Toddlers Who Refuse to Let Go of Kiddy Rides

On the night of last week Friday, Papa and Mommy decided to take Juan Or out for a joyride, since Juan Or loves to go for kai-kai (outings)! First we drove over to Kuchai Lama area because Mommy wanted to window shop in 100 Yen Shop. After Kuchai Lama, we went back to Sri Petaling and stopped over in Sri Petaling's The Store because Mommy wanted to compare the price of the PediaSure that Mommy bought a few days ago in Pasar Mini Wah Seng (Jalan Sepadu, off Old Klang Road).

Initially, when we were still in the car, Papa and Mommy didn't want Juan Or to ride on those kiddy rides in The Store because we knew Juan Or would protest strongly when we wanted to remove him. However, once there, after imagining just how cute Juan Or looks in those kiddy machines, we decided to let Juan Or sit in one. Of course, we did not put any coins, but Juan Or still seemed to enjoy sitting in there (a low back car).
(Riding in the low back car.)
Then we shifted Juan Or into another kiddy machine, this time was a police motorbike. During the shifting process, Juan Or showed some resistance, but eventually he cooled down when he landed on the other kiddy machine.
(Riding on the police motorbike.)
Then we decided to let him try sitting in other kiddy machines of other shapes whice are found at the other end of the supermarket. So the next one was a helicopter and then finally to an aeroplane (to which Papa and Mommy decided to put in coins to enhance his experience!).
(Riding on the helicopter.)
("Hey! I want to ride on the aeroplane one!")
When the aeroplane started to move, Juan Or seemed bewildered. He must be thinking why his vehicle moved by itself! Look at how Juan Or reacted when the aeroplane started moving:

In all the shifting process from one machine to another, Juan Or did not show any resistance. Even after the moving aeroplane experience, Juan Or did not show any resistance when Mommy lifted him out. So Mommy considers this a serendipity tip - a tip which Mommy found by accident - what to do if your kid refuses to let go of kiddy rides and you don't want your kid to kick up any fuss. Of course, the most common approach by most parents is to distract the kid with something else and eventually the kid forgets about the kiddy ride. However, Mommy discovered that if you shift your kid from one kiddy machine to another to another to another, eventually the kid will think that whenever you lift him out from the machine, you will put him in another......until finally you lift him out and continue walking and walking and walking, your kid will think that you are walking to another kiddy machine somewhere in the supermarket. And along the way, when your kid saw something else, eventually he forgets about the kiddy machine! Voila! No fuss! But of course, for this trick to work, you need to make sure the supermarket has several kiddy machines within the same vicinity.

How about other daddies and mommies out there? How do you handle such situation when your kid refuses to let go of kiddy rides?


little prince's mummy said...

My son loves to play with still kiddy rides.. Once we put money inside and start moving, he'll come down straight away.. haha!~

Alice Phua said...

Wow! That's very easy then!

smallkucing said...

milk powder try Poh Chien at OUG, same row as Steven Corner. Quite cheap but not sure if it's cheaper than the one at Jln Sepadu