Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Climbing Up the Stairs

Somewhere around 2 weeks ago, ever since Juan Or was able to walk around while holding on to furniture, Juan Or became adventurous enough to want to climb up the stairs. Of course, initially Juan Or's climb was rather wobbly, slow and very careful, but two weeks worth of practice has made Juan Or an expert climber! Juan Or is now able to climb fast (though he has the habit of hanging around a step whenever he feels like it) and has very few slips. Of course, Mommy has to be around to supervise his climb in case he falls - what's more the stairs are not the solid type (i.e., has 'holes'!). That is why Mommy was not able to capture Juan Or on video during the initial stairs-climbing stage - both of Mommy's hands had to stand by to 'catch' him if he falls. Even then, now that Mommy has the chance to capture this video, Mommy's other hand stood by just in case.

Whenever Juan Or climbs the stairs, halfway through, he will peep through the 'holes' of the stairs to look for Grandpa (who is downstairs watching television most of the time!). Then Juan Or will give one kind of laugh (the shrill laugh) to attract Grandpa's attention to look up at his direction. And from the tone of his laughter, Mommy knows Juan Or purposely laughed like that to tell anyone downstairs that "Hey, look at me! I may be small, but I can already climb up the stairs just like anyone else in the family!" Yes, Mommy knows...this is Juan Or's show-off laugh which is very different from all his other laughs. Watch this video (the show-off laugh is at the beginning):

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little prince's mummy said...

My son loves to climb stairs, too!