Monday, May 11, 2009

Juan Or is 'Driving' Already!

On the night of last week Friday, Juan Or and Mommy followed Papa to go pump petrol for Papa's car. After pumping, we headed over to Sri Petaling's The Store just for a quick window shopping and at the same time to take Juan Or out for a simple outing. In The Store, Mommy saw a number of children fun 'vehicle' machines where you insert coins and the 'vehicle' machine (where the child is riding on) will start moving. So Mommy asked Papa to wait for a while to let Juan Or ride on it. However, Papa warned that there is a possibility that Juan Or may get too 'addicted' to the ride such that he may protest when lifted out from the 'vehicle'. Anyway, Mommy took the risk and lifted Juan Or in (but no coins were put in anyway!).

Here are snapshots of Juan Or driving his newfound 'vehicle' and a video of it too.

("Welcome aboard! I'm your driver of the day!")

("Vroom! Vroom!")

("Always look first before you go!")

(Juan Or happily 'driving' away.)

So in the end, did Juan Or protest when Mommy decided that the ride was over? Well, sure enough, Juan Or struggled to resist being carried out of the 'vehicle' and almost cried in protest, but Mommy managed to distract him by asking him to see another nearby children game paraphernalia. And we walked off and left for home.

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