Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tips on Feeding Baby If Baby Rejects Drinking Milk from Baby Bottle

Just the other day, Mommy was having baby chats during lunchtime with a colleague of Mommy's who also has a baby to care for. Her baby is about 6 months younger than Juan Or.
She mentioned that although her baby is able to drink milk from the bottle when being cared for by her mother-in-law, however, her baby seems to prefer suckling from her breasts when she's the caretaker. Therefore, there were times when the infant formula she prepared just went down the sink wastefully simply because her baby refused to suck milk from the bottle! "Ah, mommy's breast is the best!" the baby must be thinking. Well, Juan Or is no exception too in showing this kind of preference!

So how do you get baby not to waste the infant formula milk that you have just prepared? Even Juan Or had rejected drinking Mommy's expressed breastmilk from the bottle before - simply because Juan Or prefers sucking directly from the breast!

This is what Mommy learnt from Mommy's babysitter: Use the spoon! Drip milk into the baby's mouth using a spoon. Of course the best position to put baby into while spoonfeeding is to let baby lie on his/her back. Then, put the spoonful of milk near the baby's mouth and wait till baby opens the mouth! Then drip it in! Voila! And this position also ensures that spoonfeeding mess is kept to the minimum. A reminder: it is not advisable to put baby in upright position while spoonfeeding liquids, especially when baby is still below 12 months old because baby has not yet developed the skill to suck from the spoon. Doing it in the upright position may just lead to having more mess for you to clean up on both the baby and the floor!
(Mommy spoonfeeding Juan Or in lying down position.)

But, you may ask, what if baby keeps on biting the spoon as you spoonfeed milk? This is also what Mommy learnt from Mommy's babysitter: Simply drip or pour some milk from the baby bottle into the bottle's cap. Then tilt the cap to slowly pour or drip milk into the baby's mouth. And voila, the baby is fed!

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