Sunday, May 17, 2009

More books, books, books! All in the Crescent Warehouse Sale!

On 15th May 2009, Mommy went to another book warehouse sale. This sale is held by Crescent News (What!? Never heard of before!) who claimed that it is the biggest book wholesaler in Malaysia. The sale is on from 15th to 24th May 2009, from 10am to 9pm at the MBPJ Multi-purpose Hall, Jalan BU3/1 Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya. By the way, Mommy got to know about this sale firstly from Crescent News' advertisement in The Star newspaper's Metro section, and secondly from Malaysia's Shopping n Sales website.

This venue is not difficult to find - it's somewhere behind One Utama Shopping Centre (though not directly behind), but is located within a residential area. Parking in the MBPJ Multi-purpose Hall compound is free. Upon entering the sale area, there was not much crowd (Mommy went in the morning though) and there's no air-conditioner, but there are fans at about almost everywhere in the hall - so be expected to sweat when rummaging through the books there. What about payment counters? There are only two cashier counters and both counters can handle both cash and credit card transactions. However, to use credit card, you need to make sure your purchase value is RM50 and above. By the way, Mommy noticed that the cashiers probably looked like the owners of Crescent News and that they are Indian Muslims.

What about the books there? There were many variety of books ranging from general interest to self-help, to business, recipe books, medical books and Islamic books, except for parenting books. Notably, there were lots of children books. Since this is a parenting blog, of course Mommy's focus is on children books. Quite a number of children books are still expensive after the so-called discount. Even some children books appear not to have discount at all or are even more expensive than the price offered by MPH Bookstores. Mommy also noticed that their price-tagging is not consistent. For example, one pile of children book was price-tagged as RM20. Then, later, elsewhere in another rack, the same title of children book pile was price-tagged as RM15! And this happens not only for that title that Mommy saw, some other titles were also inconsistent in pricing. For example, a hard-cover colourful children book that Mommy bought for RM3 was later seen in another rack for RM5! For those really cheap and good buys of children books, you really have to rummage through from rack to rack. By the way, Mommy saw the Ladybird books (Peter and Jane type) sold for RM6.90 each; foam board books for RM5 each. The books publishers for children books ranges from local to overseas and some books are published in India.

This is how the environment of the book warehouse sale looks like. So you have to really rummage through the disorderly piles and piles of books in the racks to get books at bargain prices. However, those books that are arranged in neat piles are usually not cheap enough even after the so-called discounts.

Anyway, these are Mommy's yield of the day:

All these are hard-cover, full color, thick good quality paper children books, each at RM3 only! These books are at real bargain prices considering that the recent MPH Distributor's Warehouse Sale sold soft-cover full-colour children storybook at RM3 also. The book at the bottom right (with teddy bear picture) is the open-the-flap-book type. For the book at the bottom left (man playing the fiddle), Mommy saw the same book in other rack, price tagged at RM5. So Mommy grabbed the RM3 one! Woo-hoo!
Activity books by Php Publishing, thick good quality paper, each at RM3! The book on the right comes with stickers also.

Large board storybooks, each at RM5 only! Each book has 40-something pages, all in full-colour and large word print (as shown in the photo below), which is really value for money at RM5. However, the books were dusty to which Mommy merely used a wet cloth to wipe away the dust upon reaching home.

Noddy Annual Book 2004 priced at RM5 only (hard-cover). In it are attractive full-colour illustrations for every 'paragraph' of text - something like young children's comic book.

Ladybird books, each at RM3 only! However, those Ladybird books priced at RM3 are only limited to these titles. Other Ladybird books are priced at RM6.90 each (to which Mommy didn't buy because the offer is not atttractive enough).

Biography books on great scientists, each at RM3 only! These books are of the same size as Ladybird books, in hard-cover and meant for older children (about age 10-12 years).
On the left are Disney storybooks, each at RM3! The books on the right are also at RM3 each. All the books are the same size as Ladybird books and in hard-cover.
Lord of the Rings Trilogy storybook priced at RM10, soft-cover but with thick glossy pages, and photo illustrations of scenes in the actual movie.

A history book of ancient civilizations meant for older children priced at RM10. The book is hard-covered, in good quality paper with quite attractive arrangements of illustrations and text, and the book is published in India.

Children mystery and adventure storybooks, all in paperback, each for RM1 only! A good buy! Mommy also saw Nancy Drew paperbacks selling for RM2 each (but Mommy didn't buy them because Mommy didn't think Juan Or might be interested in Nancy Drew).

These are hard-cover, colour glossy page storybooks meant for children at ages 4-10 years, each at RM5. Each book comes with achievement stickers for parents to 'award' children with.
This box set contains 4 books: one is a board storybook, one is a pop-up storybook book, one is a push-out-and-play model book, and one is a lift-the-flap storybook. Mommy bought the box set at RM6. Actually all other box sets of the same title are price-tagged as RM10, but Mommy saw only one with the RM6 price tag, so Mommy grabbed it! Woo-hoo!

Mommy' s overall conclusion: This warehouse sale gives very good bargains too if you really spare time to rummage through the books and choose wisely, of course! Overall, this sale is about at par with the Big Bad Wolf (except that both sales have different strengths) and much better off in bargains than the MPH Distributor's Warehouse Sale.

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