Sunday, May 24, 2009

Juan Or Finally Discovered How to Open the Bottle Cap

In the past, whenever Juan Or fiddled with bottles, somehow Juan Or knew that the cap can be detached from the bottle. So to satisfy him, Mommy would somewhat loosen the cap and gave to Juan Or to handle. Juan Or would then pull the cap till the cap detached from the bottle. Of course, the thread of the bottle would be the barrier that impeded his effort to directly pull out the cap. Mommy even showed Juan Or how to twist the cap open, however, his primitive method still got the better of him.

At least that was how Juan Or opened bottle caps till on last week Friday morning. Mommy merely handed him the bottle without showing him anything. All Mommy did was loosen the cap a little and left the rest for Juan Or without expecting much. And much to Mommy's surprise, all of a sudden, Juan Or made a few inward strokes with his left hand, using the last three fingers to momentarily create twisting effects on the bottle cap and sure enough, the bottle cap turned and detached from the bottle! Watch this video:

Of course Mommy was delighted to see this development and so twisted the cap back onto the bottle (but not too tight though) and Juan Or did the same trick and the bottle cap came out again. Juan Or was very happy too to be able to show off to Mommy about his new skill! Then Mommy repeated the same thing, this time, Mommy handed the bottle to Juan Or in such a way that the bottle cap side faced his right hand (Mommy wanted to test Juan Or's handedness!). So how did Juan Or handle this? He reorientated the bottle so that his left hand faced the bottle cap side again and then went on with his trick. So looks like Juan Or is a left-handed boy just like Mommy!

That evening, Mommy asked Juan Or to show off his new skill to Papa. Papa was delighted to see this too. However, Papa screwed the bottle cap just a little tighter to challenge Juan Or. Juan Or, on realising that the cap felt tighter, showed one kind of facial expression, but he went on trying to twist it open. Finally when the cap opened, Juan Or was pleasantly surprised! Watch this video: