Thursday, May 21, 2009

Birthday Card for Juan Or from Wyeth

Somewhere in March 2009, Mommy sent an application card found in a "Milk for Life" booklet published by Tesco and Wyeth to join Wyeth Mama Club for a free one-year membership. No scoop is required as proof of purchase because this is only exclusive for Tesco customers. Anyway, Mommy already has a record with Wyeth when Mommy was still pregnant with Juan Or. During those pregnant days, Wyeth sent Mommy free samples of their milk for pregnant mothers. Along the way, Wyeth also sent Mommy a foam photo frame with the Mama theme. In that letter, Wyeth mentioned that they will later send another photo frame (with 1 year old theme) when baby turns one year old, and some more later on, another photo frame when the child is older (can't remember how old, but probably is 4 years old). The plan is that all the three photo frames are supposed to interlock each other into a cycle so that you can see how the baby develops throughout time. However, the 2nd photo frame has yet to come....don't know whether Wyeth even remember what they promised in their letter or not!

(The foam photo frame meant for pregnancy stage photos but Mommy prefers to use a photo together with Juan Or instead. Notice that the vertical sides of the frame are 'jagged' so that it can be interlocked with similar photo frames to form a cycle.)

Then somewhere in early May 2009, Mommy received a redemption information booklet from Wyeth to tell members how they can redeem gifts as they consume Wyeth's line of dairy products. Hahaha.....this is typical marketing effort just like what Dutch Lady sent to Mommy before! The only difference is that Dutch Lady has always been an early bird whereby Dutch Lady sent Mommy the redemption booklet as early as when Juan Or was still 4 to 6 months old - way before Juan Or can start drinking the growing up milk.

Early this week, Juan Or received a one-year-old birthday card from Wyeth through the post. The smart thing about this birthday card is that the card serves as a door knob hanger. In that way, recipient won't see it as simply another birthday card, and thus more likely to keep it as a souvenir.

(The birthday card-cum-doorknob-hanger.)

Together with the mail, Juan Or was given advertorial leaflets showcasing their growing up milk supplemented with lutein (nutrien for the eyes) and 2 coupons - one is a free Kindermusik class at Selangor Institute of Music (SIM) without any obligations and 2 free extra classes if you sign up for 2 semesters; and the other coupon is a free Tumble Time session (with no obligation to buy or sign up for anything) at Tumble Tots and 1 month of free session if you sign up as member. Both coupons are valid for 3 months only.
(The Selangor Institute of Music coupon.)
(The Tumble Tots coupon).
So that's what you call as colaborative marketing.

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