Monday, May 11, 2009

Juan Or Behaves Like a Big Boy!

Mommy noticed that lately Juan Or has the desire to act 'adult'. This is the first example:

One morning when the family was having breakfast, Juan Or approached Grandma, tugged at her lap and pointed at her mug. Of course, when Juan Or points at something, it means he wants that thing. So Grandma took the mug near Juan Or and let him take a sip. Grandma said it was tea in the mug. Imediately after sipping the tea, Juan Or let out the "Aaaah" sound as if to show that the tea was tasty and that he enjoyed it. Then, Grandma put the mug back on the coffee table. Again, Juan Or pointed at the mug and so Grandma put the mug at his lips for him to take a sip and again Juan Or let out the "Aaaah" sound. This repeated sequence went on for four or five times! Finally, Mommy decided to take out the handphone to videotape this, but unfortunately, Juan Or felt conscious of himself and so didn't let out the "Aaaah" sound. Instead, he smiled at Mommy! Watch this video:

This is another example:

Last Sunday, Papa, Mommy and Juan Or were eating in a Chinese restaurant in Telok Gong. Mommy knows that Juan Or loves drinking Chinese tea. So Mommy used the spoon to scoop a little Chinese tea and let Juan Or sip from the spoon. Then later on, Papa tried letting Juan Or sip tea directly from his glass and boy, how Juan Or enjoyed it! After Papa put the glass back onto the table, Juan Or would point at the glass to indicate that he wanted another sip, to which Papa gave. After that, Papa tested Juan Or by using the spoon again for Juan Or to sip. This time, Juan Or refused to sip from the spoon, instead he pointed prominently at the glass indicating that he wanted to drink from the glass and not from the spoon! Haha...Mommy's Juan Or is a big boy already and he seems to know which item makes him look more 'adult'!

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