Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Catching Up with the Last Day of the Big Bad Wolf Sale

Monday (18th May 2009) was the last day of the Big Bad Wolf Book Warehouse Sale. Knowing that Big Bad Wolf replenished their books on every day of the sale, Mommy can't resist making it for the last day.

Mommy arrived there at about 4pm and was lucky enough to find a free parking lot along the street not far away from the Dataran Hamodal Building. So what did Mommy find there? There were not so much people there by then. Most of the attractively priced books were gone, but the Princess's Diary books were still there. Mommy's close colleague also asked Mommy to help buy children books on her behalf, to which Mommy could only find 4 books for her: 2 board books (each for RM5) and 2 soft cover children storybook (one is a Barney book at RM5 and the other is Over the Hedge at RM2). All other children books left were either not value for money or were torn/folded/crumpled. As for parenting books, Mommy found some more titles that Mommy didn't see during those past days that Mommy was there. Here's Mommy's yield of the day:
Left: Secrets of the Baby Whisperer, paperback for RM8.
Right: Zorro, full colour comic novel book in thick glossy pages for RM5 (for Juan Or to read when he's much older!).
Left: Managing Your Toddler's Behaviour, paperback for RM8.
Right: Breast is Best, paperback for RM8. Although Mommy is in the process of weaning Juan Or, however, Mommy finds this book a good read (gives Mommy the confirmation that Mommy was doing breastfeeding right!) because this book also addresses the issue of breastfeeding toddlers (like what Juan Or is now). By the way, this book came without any price tag at all and Mommy must commend the Big Bad Wolf cashier who attended to Mommy who exercised good judgement in giving the price as RM8 also. Otherwise, a cashier who is too rigid would resort to getting other staff to check the price and in the process, made the customer wait and wait and wait. Kudos to Big Bad Wolf's staff!

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