Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Teo Guan Lee Warehouse Sale (25th-31st August 2009)

Last week Friday, Mommy took a day’s leave from work after a very hectic schedule of keeping up with deadline to mark and submit exam marks. Guess where Mommy went to? Mommy went to the Teo Guan Lee Warehouse Sale to see what’s in store for baby and children items. This sale is in Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Cheras and Mommy went there via the Middle Ring Road 2. The sale is supposed to start at 10.30 am, but Mommy reached there at about 10.10 am and it was already opened. Parking-wise was a little difficult, but because Mommy’s car is small and it was still quite early, Mommy managed to get one.

There wasn't many people in the sale, probably because it was still quite early. The sale area was considerably big. Most of the items on sale are children and baby clothes and shoes/slippers and toiletries and other more minor sections are comforters and beddings, children toys, adult clothes and leather belts and wallets/purses.

Of course the section that interests Mommy most is the children and babies section. Some things are cheap, some are not - you have to choose wisely. Mommy also noticed that some really cheap items (for example Kiki Lala infant clothes selling for RM2) are no longer in good condition in that they have stains on them. Also, many items were not well price-tagged. Mommy saw many tags merely written as 'PW 03' with no mention of the price.....now what is that supposed to mean? As for payment, only cash term was accepted. But there's no queue for payment although there were also two cashier counters because not many people were buying anyway! Here are some snapshots of the sale:

Chicco bottle sterilizer - most of the boxes are already opened, but there's not price tag on the box...not even at the rack.

Kiki Lala baby clothes - can't find those at RM1 at all. Those RM2 ones are already in bad condition (stains).

Cuddles baby and toddler clothes - although the lowest price states RM3, however, the cheapest Mommy could find was RM8.

More of Cuddles baby and toddler clothes - again, Mommy can't find those at RM1, instead Mommy found those mostly at RM8.

More of Kiki Lala and Tom & Jerry items.
Pacifiers and pacifier chains selling for RM2 (Mommy can't remember what brand).

Puppy Winks canister wet wipes - RM5 per canister of 200 pieces of wet wipes - cheap!

Baby toiletries (can't remmember what brand) - RM1 for 120 mL bottle and RM2 for bigger bottle (can't remember the volume) - which is still not as cheap as the toiletries sold at Hytex.

Baby pillow and bolster sets and diaper bags.

More baby and toddler clothes. Mostly saw RM8 ones.

Popeye brand of children clothes.

Another Popeye boy's suit of T-shirt and bermuda for RM10 which is cheap, but Mommy dared not buy yet because it is going to be another 9 years before Juan Or can wear them. Maybe by then, the garters would have loosen already.

Kiki Lala pacifiers that come together with covers for RM1 each - cheap!

Kiki Lala toddler shoes selling for RM5 only - cheap! But Mommy didn't buy them because Juan Or already has enough toddler shoes bought at Hytex previously.

Girl slippers and clogs selling for RM5 per pair.

Ladybird brand of baby clothes gift set selling for RM35 but Mommy saw the original price tag was RM37.90. So this is definitely not cheap at all!
Children toys selling from RM3 to RM45. The toys don't look new and some are not in good condition.
Ladies' panty hose selling for RM1 per pack of 5 pairs - cheap! In fact, you get a pack of panty hose free if you purchase RM50 and above in a single receipt.
Comforters - the organizer did not indicate clearly whether the price shown is before or after discount of 80%, but Mommy doubts the price shown is before discount.
So what did Mommy get for Juan Or this time? Nothing much because most things like clothes and toddler shoes are already in sufficient supply for him. This is what Mommy got for Juan Or:
A set of rubbery toys-cum stackable cups that can double as chewy items for Juan Or, RM1 for all three pieces.
Kiki Lala shoes for children about age 5-6 years old for RM5. This pair of shoes has very thick soles and deep markings for good grip.
Popeye shoes for RM10 meant for children of approximately 7-8 years old. Again, the soles look thick and has deep marks for good grip.


smallkucing said...

Hmm...sound like Hytex is much better. This TGL sound like clearance sale. Sad to say the price is still expensive :(

Cynthia said...

lucky Juan Or.. always got new toys to play :D Enjoy yourself ya..

little prince's mummy said...

You always very good in spotting and knowing lots of warehouse sales...

Alice Phua said...

Smallkucing, yes, agree...Hytex is much better.

Cynthia, ^ ^

Little prince's mummy, hehehe...actually deep down inside, I'm a bargain hunter! ^ ^

~LiLHypPo's mUMmy~ said...

The stackable cups are super cute lor!!

mNhL said...

I like the stackable cups and it is super cheap ~ RM1 for 3 of them! Good bargain.

Alice Phua said...

LilHyppo's Mummy and mNhL, ya, it looks cute and cheap, that's why I can't resist it! ^ ^