Monday, September 28, 2009

Joyride Trip to a Grapes Farm in Sendayan, Negeri Sembilan

During the recent Hari Raya holidays, Papa took Juan Or and Mommy for a joyride trip to Sendayan in Negeri Sembilan. Why Sendayan? Because, recently, Mommy read about grapes grown in Sedayan in The Star newspaper. And since Mommy likes gardening, Mommy became very curious to see grape vines growing in the Malaysian hot and humid climate. At the same, Mommy wanted it to be and outing and learning opportunity for Juan Or. So off we went to Sendayan.

Papa used the trunk road from Sri Petaling to Sri Kembangan, Balakong, Semenyih, Broga, Mantin and then veered off to Port Dickson's direction to reach Sendayan (Sendayan is before Port Dickson). Actually, both both Papa and Mommy didn't really know where the grapes farm is in Sendayan, but we merely relied on signboards that mention 'Sendayan'. Papa drove on until Mommy spotted a hilly area with support structures erected in a uniform manner. But of course from far, Mommy wasn't very sure whether those support structures were for grapes or other kinds of plants, but Papa decided to stop-over anyway, and turned out it was the grape farm we were looking for!

Papa drove into the small narrow and gravelled road of the grapes farm, but parked near the exit point. The small road was quite jammed because there were many cars moving and parking there. Probably there were just as many people as curious as Mommy where grapes are concerned! By then, Juan Or almost fell asleep, but luckily when the car stopped, Juan Or woke up without any fuss.

From afar, Mommy thought Mommy saw grapes - dark-looking bundles of something hanging among the vines. However, when Mommy went near, it turned out that the dark-looking bundles were small packets of soil enveloping bare-skin vine branches. Apparently there were no grapes - probably the grapes were harvested already. What's left are just signs of vegetative propagation. So never mind, even if we can't get to see the real grapes itself, at least the grapevine is sufficient!

Here are some snapshots at the grapevine. There were too many people to distract Juan Or's attention from Papa's handphone camera!

By the way, Mommy saw some freshly cut grape branches thrown on the ground - don't know whether these branches were meant to be thrown away or left there on purpose. So Mommy took one of those branches home to try planting them from the stem - don't know whether it will grow or not, but what's the harm of trying? So far so good, after cutting away the leaves, Mommy cut the branch into several segments and planted them onto the soil. As of yesterday, i.e., six days later, the branch segments have not dried and withered amidst the continuous hot and sunny days. So Mommy is keeping fingers crossed and hopes for the best!


little prince's mummy said...

Really no idea there's a grape farm there.. haha~~~

Nice trip :)

smallkucing said...

A grape farm is there? Alice, you really pandai cari nice place to visit. All the best to you on your grape plant. :)$smile always

mNhL said...

I never knew there is a grape farm there. And good luck on your grape planting. hope it grows.

Alice Phua said...

Little prince's mummy, perhaps can bring your little boy there one day to see grape plants?

Smallkucing, actually it's my husband's good sense of direction that gets us there. If ask me to drivve alone there, I think I'll end up dunno where. I merely lend an extra eye to be on the lookout for something that looks like a grapes farm. Thanks, yes, hope it will grow. Smiled to your B and N as well!

mNhL, THanks, yes, really hope it won't die out along the way :P

NaZRiN said...


sue... said...

helo..i'm sue.may i know where the grape farm location?u can reply to my email

Azrul said...

Yes, there is a grape farm there. Besides grapes, there are also other local fruits like guava, rose apple, mango. But the grapes is the attraction. For more details and photos go to, or to the company website Our face book is Agroadventure Sendayan.

Come visit us and be surprised!

Farm Manager