Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Juan Or Definitely Needs Digi's "Pimp My Broadband"!

This is what normally happens at home every night on weekdays:

"Yay! Mommy is back from work already! Now Mommy's laptop is all MINE! Mommy, please switch on the laptop for me. I want to watch the educational slideshows and YouTube videos that you have downloaded from office. In the meantime, I'll play with the computer keyboard first while waiting for Mommy to set up the laptop, ya?"

"Ooohh....Mommy's laptop is on already! Can't help fiddling with Mommy's laptop!"

"Mama, why is your laptop on already but the programmes takes so slow to move?" Mommy says,"Well, Mommy's laptop is old already. It's already 5 years 2 months old, sure to become slow in processing. Some more the RAM is too small by today's standard. See-lah, if Mommy can win Digi's "Pimp My Broadband" Contest and get either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize, then Juan Or gets to watch from a brand new laptop or netbook with faster processing speed, OK?"

"Mama, aiyo, your laptop is so slow one...until now I'm still waiting!"

"Yay! Finally I get to watch what I want! Here's my favourite educational slideshow on animals that Mommy downloaded from Brillbaby."

"Hehehe....more animals with the pronunciation as well. This is good to teach me new words and how they are pronounced."

"An animals video that Mama downloaded from YouTube. Hehehe....Mama is always trying to snap photos of me, dunno for what....so I make funny faces for Mama!"

"Mama, you mean that's all the videos you have for me to watch!? Why so little one? I want to watch more videos!" So Mommy says,"Juan Or, Mama has work to do in the office. Mama can't be spending the whole working hours downloading things for you in the office. Some more at home is the dial-up networking type of internet connection, so if Mommy wants to download videos from home, then it's going to take forever to download. Probably if wait until next morning, the download process is still not finished yet. See-lah, if Mama wins something from the Digi's "Pimp My Broadband" Contest, at least if get to win the 4th to 50th prize, then Juan Or will get to enjoy 3 months free subscription to DiGi Broadband plus a free broadband modem! How's that? Then Juan Or gets to watch more funny videos, advertisements, nursery rhymes animation and even Mickey Mouse cartoons from YouTube! Mommy can just straightaway download them from home for Juan Or to watch, no need for Mommy to juggle time with office work to download these for you. How's that, baby? Hope for the best, ya? Tell all Aunties and Uncles reading this blogpost to vote for Mama, OK? And don't forget to thank the Aunties and Uncles who vote for Mama, OK baby?"

"OK, Mama. To all Aunties and Uncles reading this, please vote for my Mama here. And many, many thanks for your support! Alternatively, you can also vote by clicking my photo at the top right hand panel which leads you to Digi's "Pimp My Broadband" voting page. Just look for the 'Thumbs Up" icon and click, ya? One vote per day and everyday until 16th October 2009. Many, many thanks again! OK, in the meantime, since there's no more videos to watch, I might as well play with my good 'ole metal canister."


little prince's mummy said...

Haha! So cute!

little prince's mummy said...

Can't find ur entry in the link.. Got direct link to your entries for voting?

Alice Phua said...

Probably you can't find my entry in the link yet because DiGi has to approve the entry first before they put my blogpost into their contest website. But never mind, as of this time of writing, DiGi has already send me an email notification that my entry is now in their contest website. So you can start voting already. And thanks for your support! :-)

narelleserline said...

Hey I just voted! Hope you win.

smallkucing said...

Where is the button to vote? only saw J.O's photo there at DIGI page

smallkucing said...

Found it. Voted :)

mNhL said...

Voted ! and good luck. This post is funny. A GOOD write up!

Alice Phua said...

Dear All, thanks for your support! Do vote everyday if time permits ^^