Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sheer Determination

Remember how in a previous posting Mommy mentioned that Juan Or is addicted to watching the laptop? Because of his better attention span for learning when watching slideshows in the laptop, so Mommy allowed him to watch every night. However, the downside was that eventually as the days went by, Juan Or became 'insomniac' and refused to go to sleep even though it was already time to sleep. Because of this, Mommy decided to stop letting him watch the laptop during night time and so hid the laptop in a dark corner in the storeroom. During the first week, Juan Or couldn't find the laptop, but later on somehow he discovered the hiding place of the laptop!

And when Juan Or found the laptop, he would hug the laptop tightly (which was still in the bag) and then sat there in the dark storeroom waiting earnestly for Mommy to switch it on. If Mommy pretended to ignore his antics, he would briefly come out from the storeroom and called Mommy by making some 'ee-ak-ee-ak' sound, then go back into the dark storeroom and hug the laptop while squatting down! Then when Mommy finally went into the storeroom to check him out, he would grin at Mommy. Then when Mommy started taking the laptop out from the storeroom, Juan Or would start laughing. Smart boy! He sure does know at this tender age that determination will get him what he wants! Mommy managed to snap some photos to show how detemined he was:

(Juan Or approached the laptop.)

(Juan Or settled himself down on the storeroom floor first.)

(Juan Or took hold of the laptop to embrace it.)

Because of his sheer determination, Mommy had no choice but to reward him by allowing him to watch the laptop! Taa-dah!

(Back view)

(Front view. Note Juan Or's Great-Grandmother at the background.)

(See! So much of concentration on the laptop.)

(In this slightly sideways pose, the way Juan Or watches the laptop looks similar to how his TV-addict Great-Grandmother watches the TV!)

(So much of concentration....Juan Or was still undistracted even though Mommy went so near to capture his photo!)

("Mama thought I dunno that Mama is snapping my photos meh?")

And the good news is that Juan Or no longer became 'insomniac' as a result of watching the laptop at night. For the past few days up to today, Juan Or obediently went to sleep without making any fuss. Whew!


Merryn said...

he he ha ha.. so very the cute there!

mNhL said...

Wah...Juan Or is such a good boy. He did not even make a single move? Unlike YX. His itchy fingers just could not stop pressing the keyboard and screen !

cheeyee said...

Wondering what you let him watch on the laptop that made him so adicted?