Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Juan Or and the Electronic Fish Lantern

This is a video of Juan Or playing with the electronic fish lantern. This is a peculiar toy for him - see how the lights, sound, moving fins and rotating wheels at the bottom made him so curious about the fish!


Actually, Mommy didn't buy this lantern for him. How did this lantern come about then? Actually, a few days ago, Juan Or's cousin sister, Juan Juan, came over to Grandpa and Grandma's house to stay during the day. Of course, at that time, Juan Or was already at the babysitter's house. Somewhere along the way, Grandpa and Grandma went out to the nearby supermarket to buy something, so they took Juan Juan along. So Juan Juan saw the colourful lanterns on sale and asked them to buy one for her. So Grandpa and Grandma bought her the electronic fish lantern for RM13.90 and decided that the lantern will stay at the grandparents' house so that any grandchild staying at grandparents' house can play with it.

For this lantern, Mommy has made it a point not to switch it on even if Juan Or asked Mommy to. Mommy will merely tell him that Mommy doesn't know how to operate the lantern. And that if he still wants to turn on the lantern, then he should ask Papa or Jidek (Second Uncle) to help him turn it on. Reason? Because on certain days, Juan Or wouldn't sleep through the night. So what happened was Juan Or would take the lantern and bring to Mommy to ask Mommy to switch it on. So Mommy will pretend not to know how to operate it, and told Juan Or to wait till his Papa or Jidek has awaken from sleep to get it turned on. Otherwise the sound and music is sure to wake everyone up from sleep!


little prince's mummy said...

Nice lantern!~

Alice Law said...

No wonder Juan Juan didn't bother her "Hello Kitty" lantern anymore, so here's the culprit!

Wonder why grandparents always "pamper" their grandchildren, shouldn't give in whatever they ask for... "Spoilt"!

smallkucing said...

Wah....mummy so clever giving excuse ah..pretty soon this smart Juan Or will catch on to your tricks :p

Alice Phua said...

Little prince's mummy, thanks for visiting!

Alice Law, so looks like children as young as that already know how to choose the more sophisticated lantern! Also, I heard Pa mentioned that they decided to buy her the lantern partly also becos it's in conjunction with her birthday.

Smallkucing, hahha...I think so too...just waiting for the day when the excuse won't work anymore! Then I'll have to think of some other excuse :P

Broccoli Ginger said...

haha.. Juan Or is so curious on the lantern! It's not yet Mid Autumn.. :P

mNhL said...

Oh...finding excuses. But sometimes it is a 'MUST', just to avoid the little one pestering. :) I used to do that to YX too.

cheeyee said...

Nice lantern! Hope the actual sounds not too annoying. Last year my MIL bought one for Lynn, too noisy! I need to get one for them this year. Their school is going to have the autumn festival celebration next month. Still thinking better to buy the traditional one or the battery one. :D