Friday, September 25, 2009

Juan Or in the Kiddy Car-cum-Shopping Cart at Ikano Power Centre

This is an outdated post. Mommy was busy with other things for the past few days, so could not post this earlier.

On the last of the Hari Raya holiday, i.e., on Tuesday, Mommy decided to take Juan Or to Ikano Power Centre to try out the kiddy car-cum-shopping cart. What's more, most city folks were not around during Hari Raya, so there shouldn't be too much crowd in shopping complexes (Mommy was thinking about H1N1!). Thinking that the kiddy car-cum-shopping cart was for free to use, Papa and Mommy decided to go there early hoping to get hold of it before others. Upon reaching the customer service counter, turned out that the kiddy car cart was not for free! A refundable deposit of RM20 was required and the rental was RM2 for every 1 hour. Since Mommy wanted Juan Or to experience the kiddy car cart ride, so Mommy paid the necessary. Anyway, RM2 per hour is reasonable considering that those electric kiddy car rides require RM1 for just few minutes' worth of ride.

Juan Or seemed to enjoy every moment of the kiddy car cart ride. Mommy can see Juan Or busy turning the steering in multiple directions as Mommy pushed the cart. There was one moment when Mommy can see so much happiness shone on his face when the cart was moving. When we were going up the escalator, there was one moment when Juan Or turned his head back to look at Mommy, then he gave Mommy a loving smile! How sweet! Here are some snapshots of Juan Or posing in the kiddy car cart.

(This is how the kiddy car-cum-shopping cart looks like.)

(Juan Or giving Mommy the naughty look when posing for Mommy.)

(Papa and Juan Or coming down the escalator.)

When one hour was almost up, Mommy tried coaxing Juan Or to come out from the kiddy car cart, but Juan Or refused. So Mommy tried taking him out from the car to which Juan Or shouted and fretted with his hands holding on tight to the steering! Mommy then pretended to walk away leaving him behind while Papa tried to get him out, This time there was less resistance though the shouting and fretting was still there. Mommy paid for the cart rental and casually asked the customer service lady whether other kids acted like this too when time was up and she said yes...hahaha!

Later on, we walked to section whether there was display of home interior items such as comforters and bed sheet sets. There were two young guys in their late teens manning the section. What surprised Mommy most was when Juan Or went near the two guys who were total strangers to him (Juan Or usually cries when strangers are in close proximity to him!) and smiled and waved at them! And the two guys smiled back at Juan Or. Don't know why, but Juan Or seemed to like them! After that, Mommy walked him away, but later Juan Or forcefully changed his direction and walked back to see the two guys again! And again, Juan Or smiled and waved at them! Hmmmm.....funny boy!


mNhL said...

Have not let YX tried on that kiddy car-cum shopping cart yet. I believe he will also act like Juan Or (refuse to get out of the car).

Alice Phua said...

Haha! Kids will be kids! ^ ^