Friday, October 22, 2010

When the Young is Eager to Become Old.......(but not the other way round!)

Yesterday, after buying economy rice for dinner and picking Juan Or up from the babysitter's house, Mommy dropped by at The Store Sri Petaling to see a Women's Clothes Fair held there - just to see whether there were anymore nice designs with attractive prices to choose from (Mommy had already been there the day before yesterday!). The prices go to as low as RM5 for a knitted blouse and RM10 for office-wear skirts with inner lining, plus fitting rooms for you to try them first before buying (unlike other women's clothes warehouse sale where they don't even bother to provide fitting room)! Hehehehe.....those were the days (before Juan Or was born) when Mommy was able to buy common clothes by merely making a good estimation without trying it out first. But now, fitting room is a must -  now that Mommy has given birth before because you never know.....^_^

Now back to the main story.....

Mommy was choosing clothes and Juan Or hanged around. Somewhere near the clothes rack was the rack displaying children goodies -- those type where sweets, candies or chocolates are put into the hollow tube or holder with toys attached to it. The one that attracted Juan Or's attention was a big candy cane-shaped type.

There is a squeaker at the bottom of the candy cane, so when a kid uses it as a tongkat (walking stick), the thing will go 'squeak-squeak-squeak' as the kid walks. So Juan Or had a good time using the candy cane as his tongkat to walk while accompanying Mommy to and fro from the clothes rack to the fitting room! He was actually emulating his Great-Grandma walking with her tongkat.

Now, isn't that a classic case of the young so eager to become old? And yet you may have seen or known of old people not wanting to admit they are old, right? More so if the old people already have to use some form of walking aid - afraid in case they look even older when using them. ^_^

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Alice Law said...

LOL, perhaps 'monkey, see monkey do'?!;)

Kids always like to make believe they are adults and enjoy seeing our feedback or reaction. These days Ah Xuan too, like to grab a toilet brush, flip open the toilet bowl and start brushing... I found it's really gross and really don't know whether to blog about it or not!=_=

p/s: Regarding your comment about Dutch Lady 123, I didn't buy any of it that time as I had already stocked up early on.:)

smallkucing said...

so did you get that for him?

Serline said...

My baby has not shown a similar inclination. In fact, she seems adamant to bring everyone back to their youth by making them play catch with her... have a blessed weekend!

mNhL said...

hahaha...Juan Or so cute!!! So did you manage to grab any nice cloths?

Puan Isah said...

Ha ha I think Juan Or just loves to try how it feels to walk like his Great-Grandma does. He must have love to hear the squeaky sounds the 'tongkat' made.
Mak isah find boys at Juan Or's age v curious and loves trying out. I've just bought a toolbox for my grandson as I noticed he loves opening things up. Now his favorite tool there is the hammer and the saw. He will hammer on the door or floor and just loves to hear the sound it made!

Have a lovely weekend!

yvonne said...

Hahaha... kids love to imitate adults. My daughter sees me putting on makeup every morning to work and insists to wear it too. I tell her - 15 years later. Then she keeps counting the age... lol!

Sheoh Yan said...

Lol! So, did you manage to get anything? Good that he was keeping himself entertained when you were choosing your clothes.

Kiasu Mom said...

I really dont know how you can go shopping with him alone. Believe it or not, I have never been shopping with my girl alone, I just cannot handle her all by myself.

Alice Phua said...

Alice Law, hahaha, yes, I think so too - monkey see, monkey do. Personally I think you can blog about Ah Xuan's antics with the toilet brush. Next time when he's big, he will have a good laugh reading it! :D

Smallkucing, no, didn't buy that for him. He didn't want to let go off the tongkat at first, so I told him, never mind, next time when we go to The Store again, you can come back and play with the thing again. And I was surprised he immediately agreed and put the tongkat back!

Serline, I guess your daughter is the type who loves to play with people (nd get people to play with her) rather than playing with things. Well, it's good in a way too, becos adults will have very good excuse to play and enjoy youth again! Have a nice day ahead! :-D

mNhL, yup, I bought one office skirt (another design) for RM10, and 2 casual blouses each for RM5! :-)

Puan Isah, oh, yes, indeed, young children his age love to take their toys and knock here, knock there. Yes, I bought one play tools set for my son too. He used the saw to 'saw' the furniture. The akibat? Now my house furniture has those scratch marks at the edges. *Shake head* Have a lovelly day ahead!

Yvonne, LOL! That's very cute of your daughter! :-D

Sheoh Yan, yup, my visit at The Store got hasil - bought an office skirt (another design) for RM10 and 2 blouses for casual or semi-casual wear, each for RM5. Very happy with the purchase. Yes, I was glad too he got himself entertained and occupied so that I can more or less shift my attention to choosing and trying the baju. :-D

Kiasu Mom, hehehe....this one I think mostly depends on the child. If the child always acts difficult when going out, then susah for the parent to handle alone, but if OK-OK one, then it's OK for the parent to handle singly. So far, I'm glad (and lucky) that Juan Or is under the OK category. I have one colleague whose toddler son consistently throws a tantrum whenever his wishes are not entertained or when he becomes cranky due to sleepiness and he likes to bang his head onto anything when in tantrum - that one my colleague also cannot handle if go out alone with him. I think I can't too! :-D

prince n princess mum said...

use tongkat somemore.. haha!

Alice Phua said...

Prince n princess mum, yup, haha!