Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Free Milk! Free Milk! Anyone?"

Yup, you read it right! Mommy has free samples of Anmum growing up milk for ages 1 to 3 to give out! And nope, Mommy is not promoting any brands of milk to anyone. Mommy just doesn't want to waste away edible things that someone else can make use of.

This was how it came about.

One day while shopping at Tesco Puchong, one Anmum representative gave Mommy a packet containing 2 sachets of Anmum growing up milk for ages 1-3. Then some day later, Mommy received a phone call from Anmum asking Mommy about the day Mommy received those free samples and the person mentioned that she is going to send a free sample of another variant. So finally the free sample arrived yesterday.

In it contained 2 sachets. So now Mommy has 4 sachets of the free sample milk powder. The one that Mommy received earlier has a choo-choo train picture on the packaging and Juan Or indicated his interest to try it just because there is a choo-choo train on it. ^_^

So yesterday night, Mommy prepared the milk and told Juan Or that this was the 'choo-choo train' milk that he wanted. Juan Or took it, laid down on the floor to drink it while watching DVD. Mommy waited and waited but the level of the milk in the bottle didn't seem to change! So Mommy sort of 'threaten' him to stop the DVD if he was still not sucking. Same thing - the milk level didn't change a bit even after turning off the player. So finally Mommy took the bottle away from his lips and he, on his part, also willingly let go off the bottle! Then he told Mommy,"Don't like!" So Mommy said,"Alright, never mind. Mama also agak you won't like it. So you want to drink GainPlus now?" Juan Or nodded eagerly. Mommy then went to the kitchen sink to pour the milk away, but before pouring, Mommy tasted the milk a bit just to see if there's any chance Mommy can accept the taste of the milk instead of wasting it away. It was yucks for Mommy! With a heavy heart, Mommy had no choice but to pour it away in the sink. While pouring, Mommy was thinking about the many starving and malnutritioned children out there especially in Africa and here it was, the milk wasted away just like that! Then Mommy prepared his regular GainPlus EyeQ milk and he finished it within just 5 minutes! So you see, it's the taste that matters for Juan Or. ^_^

OK, back to the unopened sachets of the free sample Anmum milk. If your child is currently on Anmum milk for ages 1-3 and you would like to have the free samples, kindly let me know via the comments section or drop me an email (alicephua79@yahoo.com). If there are more than one takers, then I'll ask Juan Or to randomly pick one taker's name and I'll mail the samples to the lucky person.


eugene said...

Ai yo, i want also cannot lah, cos mine sudah 9 dan 13 already,, next time got free one again, must be in my category ok friend?

Alice Phua said...

Eugene, OK, no problem! ^_^

Shenny's mommy said...

My suggestion from my last experience.
If you make a bottle of milk from GainPlus needs 5 spoons of milk powder, you could proportionally make it say GainPlus 4 spoons and Annum 1 spoon. Once Juan Or is used to the taste, then you could slowly increase the milk powder propotionally 3:2, 2:3 and then 1:4, until finally use purely annum milk powder only.
Hehe, hope you understand. That is the method I use to switch my daughter's milk powder from a brand to another brand.

Kiasu Mom said...

My daughter drinks Enfagrow so tak ngam :-)

Hayley said...

Wow, its nice to receive free samples right?
It's a chance to try to see if it suits us ;)

p/s: I've linked you too!

smallkucing said...

j drinks anmum

Alice Law said...

Stick to Dutch Lady 123!:p

Sheoh Yan said...

Hi Alice, my younger little May is drinking Anmum currently, but her sis is sticking to sustagen.

Alice Phua said...

Shenny's mommy, thanks for the tip. :-) Will use the tip if one day I decide to change Juan Or's milk powder brand to something else.

Kiasu Mom, noted with thanks! :-)

Hayley, thanks for linking up! :-)

Smallkucing, bingo!

Alice Law, noted with thanks! :-)

Sheoh Yan, noted with thanks! :-) Only thing is that your daughters are all more than 3 years old already, so their category of milk is the 4-6 years old type.