Monday, October 4, 2010

A Humble Outing to Klang

Papa had been yearning to eat mantis prawn for quite some time already, so yesterday, Papa decided to drive down to Telok Gong for seafood and at the same as outing for the family.

Our regular seafood restaurant in Telok Gong is Good Friends Seafood Restaurant, but this time we decided to try a different restaurant, so this time we went for Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant.

Coconut Flower is supposedly the most famous and reputable seafood restaurant in Telok Gong, but during the very first time we went there (that time, Papa and Mommy were still at the courting stage and Mommy's mum treat the whole family for dinner there), the food was so-so only and the price not very cheap. The second time we went there was when Papa and Mommy took leave from work to go for 1-day outing  but with Juan Or (then still an infant) at the babysitter's house, to which the food was on the bland side and the price was cheap. Anyway, Mommy didn't blog about Coconut Flower for the second visit because Mommy's style is to blog about the restaurant or food only if Juan Or is with us, otherwise the outing will just go unrecorded! ^_^

So after the food was ordered, came the plates, forks and spoons, glasses and of course the bucket of ice which was Juan Or's favourite! As usual, he would be sucking ice.

Finally, the food came and the wait was not long at all. Very fast, the dishes came out one by one. First dish was kong po mantis prawn and both Papa and Mommy agreed it was very tasty and well-cooked. The mantis prawn also tasted fresh and very prawny. Thumbs-up! Serving size was of standard size and the price was only RM10! Very cheap and good. Other restaurants normally charge RM12 or RM15 or RM16 for this kind of dish.

The next dish was fish slices stir-fried with garlic and spring onion. Again this dish was tasty, though not as tasty as one that we ate in Bandar Puteri Puchong. The price was RM15, the serving size was big and much cheaper than the Puchong one which charged RM18.

The third dish was oyster omelette. The omelette seemed to look dry at first but once eaten, it was tasty! Price was RM10. By the way, Mommy only remembered snapping the photo after Papa had cut out a big chunk of the omelette!

The vegetable dish was sweet potato leaves in sambal belacan. Again this dish was tasty and priced at RM6.

How about Juan Or? This time, his eating-out habit seems to show some improvement. Previously, he would merely eat some white rice and suck ice most of the time, but this time, he ate a substantial amount of rice. Mommy also included some mouth-processed fish meat into the rice he ate and he accepted eating them. Previously, whenever he sensed that there was something else hidden in the rice, he would either spit it out or used his finger to pick it out. As for the vege, surprisingly he refused to eat or even try any of it this time. As for oyster, he used his finger to pick the oysters out from his mouth (which had rice as well)!

The bill came up to only RM48.30 which, surprisingly was very cheap considering that had we eaten in Good Friends and ordered the same kind of dishes, the price would have been about RM60 or slightly more. But then again, Coconut Flower had forgotten to include two bowls of rice, because all in all we ordered for 3 bowls of rice.

After Papa paid, we were given 3 small containers of jelly for dessert which turned out to be Juan Or's favourite (mind you, last time when Mommy bought jelly cake for his 2nd birthday, he doesn't quite know how to appreciate eating jelly!). Actually Mommy was surprised too that Juan Or showed substantial appetite considering that he last had his milk feed about one hour plus ago.

After the satusfying meal, we took Juan Or to see some carp fish in a pond which was part of the restaurant's landscaping.

This restaurant, in Mommy's opinion, probably reputes itself to be the 'tourist spot' of Telok Gong, hence there is a souvenir stall in the restaurant itself selling all kinds of knick-knacks like keychain, pens, hair accessories, small toys, etc. Perhaps this stall is also to cater to the needs of fretful young children who just couldn't keep still or keep calm while waiting for the adults to eat! ^_^

There is also a crackers stall just behind the souvenir stall.

After the satisfying meal, we headed to GM Klang the Wholesale City which is about opposite Jusco Bukit Tinggi. Mommy saw a billboard of this Wholesale City somewhere near Mommy's workplace in Cheras and is curious to see what this wholesale centre has to offer.

This GM Klang has several blocks of one-storey buildings making it looks more like a complex of wholesale buildings. Turned out, apparently this wholesale city thing is based on the concept of wholesale traders renting units in the complex to trade their goods. The kinds of things sold there are mostly clothes, China made toys, hair accessories, ladies' accessories, hair saloon equipment and  items, mannequins. Price-wise? Not as 'wholesale' as thought. The prices of things sold doesn't look like wholesale prices, in fact some are even more expensive than those offered by end-user retailers!

Here are snapshots of some of the tenants in the Wholesale City. Juan Or's hands were very 'itchy'. Whenever he saw those small and cutey knick-knacks like hair clips, key-chains, handphone pouches, soft toys, his hands would touch them and sometimes he would take them and refused to let go. Then Papa and Mommy would have a hard time trying to pry open his fingers to let go off the thing without the fretting and possible crying!

Anyway, Mommy saw these pre-school books on sale there - RM3 per book, comes with stickers as well, and if you buy 5 books, you will get 1 free. Anyway, Mommy bought only 2 books because RM3 is just reasonable (not exactly very cheap though!) for Disney pre-school books published in China and probably does not have the proper license for it. However, there are other common cartoon characters (Barney, Dora, etc.) as the books' themes although the contents of learning ABC and counting 123 are exactly the same. So Mommy chose only Mickey Mouse and Tigger and Pooh for Juan Or since these are currently his favourite characters.

To show Mommy that Juan Or really liked the books, he even insisted on holding these books when lying in the spring cot! ^_^


smallkucing said...

Wow that is cheap..aiming for that restaurant next they have Oh Chien? Hubi kepunan oh chien

Alice Law said...

The coconut restaurant is our regular too, I personally like their steamed fish! Oh yes, the complimentary jelly was Juan Juan's favourite too!

Glad to know that Juan Or has his appetite improved, now it's Ah Xuan's turn to turn down the food... it's probably the phases of child development that kids nowadays has to go through! Hrm~!

have a nice day!

Sheoh Yan said...

Should compliment Juan Or for liking those books. It is so good to love books more than any toy.

Alice Phua said...

Smallkucing, I think they have o-chien too. Can try! Ya, from now on, Coconut Flower will be our regular restaurant in Telok Gong already, no more Good Friends. Hubby also said Good Friends' mantis prawn does not taste as fresh and charge more expensive some more.

Alice Law, yes, I think so too that this reject-food phenomenon s just a phase. Juan Or had very good apetite and was willing to try anything given to him when he was around 8-9 mths, then slowly his curiosity and appetite for variety of food faded when he reached 1 yr and it went on for very long until just recently only at 2 yrs 4 mths old. That also he's still not very open to all types of food yet. Have a nice day too!

Sheoh Yan, LOL, Juan Or likes anything that has Mickey Mouse or his gang, Winnie the Pooh and gang or Toy Story, and choo-choo train be it books or toys.

mNhL said...

The food really cheap. Juan or loves to suck ice ya....just like my baby girl.

Alice Phua said...

mNhL, LOL, both of them can high-five already!

cheeyee said...

I always go to this restaurant if we are going to Klang for seafood. But probably only once a year? :)