Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Control King

Juan Or may be small-sized and very young (yes, he's the youngest in the family!) and maybe the least dominant person in our family of three, but don't underestimate him! He may be small, but he is so full of fire! Hence the Malay saying 'kecil-kecil cili padi' (as small as a bird's eye chilli, yet so full of fire). He can even control what Mommy wears. ^_^

There were a few occasions in the past after Juan Or and Mommy arrived home after a hard day's work, he insisted that Mommy should immediately change Mommy's working clothes into house clothes. Then when Mommy told him to wait for Mommy to quickly settle some household things first before changing to house wear, he insisted (and FRETTED!) that no, Mommy should do it NOW!

Then this happened just a few days ago when Mommy felt it was already time to change Mommy's old and worn out rubber slippers to a brand new one. Actually Mommy already had the new pair of rubber slippers in stock way before the previous pair became worn out. So the moment Juan Or saw Mommy putting on the new pair, he immediately insisted that Mommy should go back to wearing the old, worn-out pair! And mind you, he not only insisted, but he fretted and almost cried that Mommy should change back to the old one immediately!

(See the heel part of this old, worn-out slipper? Anytime soon, a hole is going to appear but Juan Or insists that Mommy should still continue wearing this!)

 (This is the new pair of slippers that Juan Or despise so much!)


Alice Law said...

LOL... kids love routines and definitely don't like people to mess up their 'conservative' surrounding!

Like the picture Juan Or 'gardening' and digging 'treasure' with a spade, so cute! Have a lovely day!

smallkucing said...

guess he wants to have things that is biasa to him

yvonne said...

Your scenario happens to me too. Children like to get acknowledgment sometimes. And it's depend on my mood whether to give in or disapprove her :)

Hayley said...

Wah.. control king at such age? Hmm, next time he sure controls his gf very much, LOL (just kidding :P)

eugene said...

Don't say control king lah,,, it is simply an expression from the lil one,,,,,, dwell deeper in it,then you will be surprised lol

Shenny's mommy said...

I guess this is part of growing stage...being stubborn and mind-set is not flexible yet. At this stage, even you explain to him the fact, he might not understand but just that you need to keep on doing that. I had that experience with my girl earlier too.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Well, looking at the bright side, Juan Or is a very opinionated and persistent boy. At his current age, I guess it's still alright to give in to his whims and fancies but someday, he has got to know his boundaries too.

Yin Yue said...

wah, can't imagine. such a young age. future become the king of the world ah. :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Mummy got show him the big hole on the slipper or not..hehe..

mNhL said... and act like an adult. I also have a fare share on this...will blog about it later....

Alice Phua said...

Alice Law and Smallkucing, yes, I agree too, he doesn't like 'normal' things to change. SOmetimes when I needed to lie down and rest, so I took off my glasses, he will insist I put them back on again. He doesn't like to see me without wearing glasses.

Yvonne, hahaha....yup, same here, depends on mummy's mmood too whether to give in or not.

Hayley, LOL!

Eugene, he likes things to look the way he normally sees them.

Shenny's mommy, I guess all young children are like that at one point.

ChloeRuoyi, yup, still very young never mind, but when older already he has got to learn to understand and settle for something a little different.

Yin Yue, LOL! He's a stubborn and persistent boy!

Mummy Gwen, got show him, but I didn't he doesn't understand what he sees. :-D

mNhL, yup, will read about that.