Wednesday, October 13, 2010

'Gardening' for Juan Or

This is actually an outdated post dating back to 27th August 2010.

It all started on one fine Friday late afternoon when Mommy was at the wet kitchen. Uh-oh, the kangkung (water convulus) plant had already grown into the house! It crept in through the gap under the kitchen door!

Mommy was startled to see such thing. The plant had grown about 1 meter into the house! Hearing Mommy's startled cry, Papa came to investigate and then offered to pull the plant away, but from the outside.

Because Papa went outside the house, Juan Or had the opportunity too to join in the 'fun'. After Papa pulled away the kangkung, the plant was all Juan Or's to play with.

So this boy had a fun time dragging the long stretch of kangkung to the front and to the back, over and over again, very much like those pull-along toys.

After that, he made a 'tour' round the house compound to check on those kangkungs that seems to have dominated all other veges that Mommy had grown.

And the 'tour' may sometimes require him to go over the drain, with legs wide open! Ooops, be careful not to miss your footing!

If the kangkungs were overgrown, it's time for Juan Or's special trimming!

Well, if necessary, Juan Or would use the baby shovel to do the digging. But what is there for him to dig!? Shouldn't he be digging away the roots of the weeds? Well, for him, digging with the baby shovel is just fun-fun and play-play! ^_^ Leave all the hard gardening job for Mommy to do, ya? :P


mNhL said...

haha...Juan Or sure had fun 'touring' the house with the kangkung and the digging part.

Alice Law said...

Wah~! You sure have 'Golden Touch' for plants lar, your plant is so rich to the extend it grows into your house(I wish I could have some of your skill to grow my little sprouts too)!

So fun for Juan Or, good exposure and exercise for him!^-^

Have a nice day!

smallkucing said...

hahaha...he sure love doing that ya. I guess the kangkung is impatient to be eaten. Menjalar till into the house begging to be cook :D

Alice Phua said...

mNhL, yup! :-D

Alice Law, hahaha....actually for a long time I didn;t pay attention to planting vegetables already. In fact, last time, I have pulled away a lot of kangkung, but leaving some behind, but somehow, they grew some more, including those that I chuck oneside to die by itself. So the one that grew into the house was actually the one growing wild already! Other vege that I tanam tak berapa menjadi already becos basically the soil there is not fertile .

Small kucing, oh, he loves doing those kind of things! I have tried before plucking the kangkung leaves and the pucuk part to be cooked and I find it's quite fibrous, tak sedap. So after that I never harvest to eat already.

Amiko said...

so very long.... what kind of plant is that?

2ma said...

kids really know how to entertain themselves *hehe*

thanks for adding my blog to your reading list. i hv done the same as well :D

Shenny's mommy said...

Haha..see his forehead sweating, must be working really hard! Good outdoor exercise though..

Alice Phua said...

Amiko, it's a creeper plant, but it creeps on the ground type. This plant can also be seen growing in waterways. If I'm not wrong, based on Bahasa Indonesia-English online dictionary, it's also called as 'kangkung' in B. Indonesia.

2ma, oh, yes they do! Thanks for returning the favour! :-D

Shenny's mommy, yes, great way of getting him occupied other than merely be cooped up inside the house.

yvonne said...

Err... after the hard work of gardening, did you get to cook and eat sambal kangkung? :p

Alice Phua said...

Yes, I did cook it one time, and found the leaves and even the pucuk to be 'rough' in texture, unlike what you always eat in those Chinese 'tai chow' restaurants or even if you buy from markets/hypermarkets. Reason? I think it's becos the plant is quite old already since I let it creep on the ground. Those sold in markets/hypermarkets ones still haven't start to creep yet, so they are very young and tender to eat.